Well hello there! Powerful Jedi are coming to Battlefront II (and not just Kenobi)


General Obi-Wan Kenobi hits the battlefront on November 28. But he isn’t the only worthwhile character coming to Star Wars Battlefront II.

In October – just in time for Halloween – EA dropped General Grievous into Star Wars Battlefront II. It turns out they’re not finished expanding the in-game Clone Wars universe.

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Geonosis are the next updates in the lineup, and likely the final additions to the game before 2019 updates begin in January.

Some past updates have been purely cosmetic, allowing players to adopt Clone Trooper skins. A new location and an iconic character are major temptations, though they won’t just add Kenobi to your list of playable options. You’ll have to pay for him the same you may (or may not) have paid for the rest.

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You’ll also be able to change his appearance (from Jedi Master to either General Kenobi or his Rebels character) via in-game purchases.

James Arnold Taylor – who voiced Obi-Wan in The Clone Wars – provided the voice for Kenobi in the game, the same way Matthew Wood returned for the role of Grievous.

Adding General Kenobi as a playable character isn’t the end of the roster, though. Anakin Skywalker will also join the fray in February 2019.

There have been rumors that developers will eventually add Ahsoka Tano to the game, and considering their recent focus on Clone Wars characters, it wouldn’t be surprising if those rumors turned to be true.

However, considering she’s a popular character, they’re probably in no rush to even announce plans to put her in.

There’s a reason they didn’t just release the game with all characters available (though it’s a pretty ridiculous one): They need to keep players around – and they need every chance they can to draw former players back.

It’s the strategy they’ve been using in all their games for far too long. Considering their success despite being one of the most hated companies in the United States (among the likes of the NFL and Equifax), this isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

Even formal DLC release packages are too much to bother with. They’re just going to keep pushing out updates as often as they can to keep players active until their next Star Wars release.

But honestly, the new content the past few months is tempting. They were smart to capitalize on the Clone Wars hype after #CloneWarsSaved.

It’s understandable why we keep coming back even though we keep saying we’ll never give EA another cent. The gimmick may be sketchy, but it’s going to stick around because it works. If it didn’t make them money, they’d stop doing it. Wouldn’t they?

With every new announcement like this, even I’m anxious to jump back into the game. If they did eventually bring Ahsoka in, I’d definitely consider it. Would you?

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The next Star Wars Battlefront II update hits consoles and PCs November 28.