EA keeps adding Clone Wars characters to Battlefront II and that’s a good thing


A new Star Wars villain is coming to Battlefront II just in time for Halloween. Players will be able to play as General Grievous in an upcoming update.

The Clone Wars hype is strong with these Battlefront II updates. Last time we just got some cool skins and a new map. Now, we’re getting new playable characters! FINALLY!

EA first adding Clone Wars content to the game in its Elite Corps update in August, allowing players to add new skins to their characters to resemble clone troopers.

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Now, it’s dropping in droid villain General Grievous – just in time for Halloween. And he’s just the first in an upcoming wave of major character additions.

General Obi-Wan Kenobi will join the battlefront in November 2018, along with a new battleground on the planet Geonosis. Count Dooku and Anakin Skywalker will reportedly follow in December.

YES. Give us more characters from our favorite Star Wars series. We need them.

The Clone Wars is one of the most beloved Star Wars projects to emerge from the prequel era – judging by fan reactions to #CloneWarsSaved and the revival trailer. (Revenge of the Sith will always be the best thing that ever happened to Star Wars, fight me.)

It had over six seasons to develop its characters in a manner and timeframe the prequel trilogy just couldn’t.

The Anakin we grow to love in the series makes his transformation into Darth Vader so much more tragic in ROTS.

The Ahsoka we met in season one is not the Ahsoka who left us in season five. Character development at its finest. And even better, she has now appeared in another TV series as a key member of the rebellion against the Empire. She even got her own book!

WILL AHSOKA BE NEXT? Hey EA, are you listening?

Sure, Battlefront II is just another microtransaction-infested Star Wars product some people spend real money on to excel at. But you have to admit, the gameplay just might be the most fun we’ve had in a Battlefront game so far.

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It’s totally possible to get the characters, skins, and achievements you want without spending a cent beyond the initial price of the game. It just might take awhile. A long while. That’s how they get you, man. If you refuse to blow half your paycheck on cool upgrades, they’re still going to make sure you stick around, just in case you change your mind.

It’s worth it. Probably. You might not unlock Grievous the moment he drops on the 30th. But EA keeps giving us stuff to work for. We might as well enjoy the fun while it lasts.

The next major Battlefront II update hits consoles and PCs October 30.