New Star Wars posters to celebrate the upcoming Rogue One prequel series


Who doesn’t love a good poster? The Empire takes its place in these Tom Whalen Rogue One designs.

Rogue One was the first anthology film released by Lucasfilm and Disney. In 2018, Solo, the second Anthology film released in May. In recent months, news from the Lucasfilm camp has revealed Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor will get his own show.

Since Rogue One has returned to the Star Wars spotlight, Gizmodo has released a new poster for the film. Artist Tom Whalen created the poster, which became available on  November 15.

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Whalen’s focus on his Rogue One work is three different Stormtroopers. The troopers are placed from left, center and right depending on how intimidating they are. The characters of Jyn, Cassian, and K-2SO sit in the bottom corners of the poster while the Death Star looms between them.

What makes the design of the poster and its variant unique is Whalen designed the poster without seeing Rogue One first.

He said this about the process:

"“There’s always a challenge in designing a poster before a film’s release because you can never know if you’re hitting the heart of the film’s message without seeing it.”"

He added:

"“Thankfully, there’s a baked-in cool factor to all things ‘trooper’ in the Star Wars universe, so focusing primarily on the Tank Trooper, Death Trooper and Stormtrooper from Rogue One seemed like (and was) a no-fail direction.”"

Two versions of the poster were released. The regular poster is red and the variant version is blue. The posters vary in price from $50 for the regular edition to $55 for the variant edition.

Whalen is a regular collaborator of Mondo and Gallery1988 amongst others but has done little Star Wars art. While he doesn’t diss the franchise, he had childhood dreams of getting to work with one of the franchises he loved. He hopes to create another poster for Rogue One someday. He told Gizmodo he’d create more art for the franchise because of his favorite character, K-2SO.

He also believes that despite not having seen the film before he designed the poster, it’s an accurate portrayal of the troopers.

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