Star Wars: Episode IX spoiler: Here’s what Rey will do with the Skywalker Lightsaber


Some more Star Wars: Episode IX spoilers have been released. This one is about what Rey will do with the Skywalker Lightsaber. Only read if you are ok with spoilers.

This isn’t a Star Wars: Episode IX rumor. This is a spoiler. A mild one, but a spoiler nonetheless. So only read on if you are happy with spoilers about the upcoming film. If you are not ok with spoilers, hit the back button now.

Ok, so if you are still here, let’s take a look a what Rey has planned for the Skywalker Lightsaber.

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We talked about this a little while ago actually. We learned the fate of the Skywalker Lightsaber following the events of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In short, the lightsaber is knackered with the kyber crystal split in two, beyond repair.

I might have been a premature stating it was beyond repair because, according to the spoiler report by Making Star Wars, which sourced its information from the likes of production offices involved with Star Wars, Pinewood Studios, and Disney marketing, the Skywalker Lightsaber will be repaired in Star Wars: Episode IX.

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The details are vague, for obvious reasons, and information about Rey herself was not released, but confirmation that the Skywalker Lightsaber will be back in Star Wars: Episode IX was given.

And when I say back I mean properly back. Working as a functional lightsaber. Not sitting in the corner of a room or ship on top of a table in two pieces back. Properly back. Somehow Rey, or I assume it is Rey anyway, will fix it.

How will it be fixed? Will it be as good as new? Or will it be different after its repair? It is all pretty vague and unclear right now. All that is certain is it will be repaired at some point and a nice piece of symmetry has been created between our light and dark side characters as Kylo is also doing some repair work of his very own in Star Wars Episode IX.

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So have you got any theories on how exactly this will happen? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.