Star Wars Battlefront II: Are the triple XP events worth the hype?


Star Wars Battlefront II’s first events of the year have been announced. But are they worth picking up the game again?

As soon as 2019 hit, EA posted the full list of Battlefront II events happening in January.

The arrival of Count Dooku — sigh, Darth Tyranus — was no surprise to anyone following EA’s Battlefront updates (or am I the only one?). However, developers also plan on kicking off the New Year with several notable events to draw players [back] in.

The EA Star Wars Facebook account published a post on New Year’s Day summarizing January’s main events — including not one; not two; but three Triple XP events.

Happy New Year! Here are all the events for January in #StarWarsBattlefrontII!

Posted by EA Star Wars on Tuesday, January 1, 2019

It’s about as straightforward as it sounds: For several three-day intervals throughout the month (1/4-6, 11-13, and 18-20), any XP you earn is tripled. So for every thousand points you earn, you actually get 3,000. Pretty great, right?

Sure … if you’ve been grinding away at a select few characters for months and are desperate to level up your favorites.

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But it might not be worth it for those who have been off the battlefront for a while. Last week was the first time I’d launched the game since August, and that was only to play split-screen arcade with the person sitting right next to me.

That’s what they want, though. They’re not just trying to keep the loyal players active. They’re also aiming to bring back those of us who have deserted.

That’s EA for you. Why am I not surprised?

EA is very good at making games we sort of want and then asking us to pay more — or wait around — for parts of those same games we’re desperate to have. The community waited almost an entire year for Jedi like Kenobi.

And we still don’t have Ahsoka or Ventress — some of the most important Clone Wars lightsaber-wielding ladies around.

DLCs are one thing — make it a Clone Wars expansion and give us everything we could ever want. We’d gladly pay for it, because it’s basically like another game. They’ve been doing it with The Sims forever and most don’t complain.

But while the game has definitely improved since its initial launch, the sporadic updates and microtransactions are getting old, and most likely aren’t going away anytime soon.

You can coax us back with Sith Lords and more XP than we’ll know what to do with. But how many of these events can you really throw at us before they’re no longer valuable to you — or us?

I’ll end this one the way I end every EA rant: Give us the single-player, story-driven Star Wars game we want, and you won’t have to tempt us with inflated XP or pretty skins. We’ll be there on launch day with our virtual wallets ready for the kind of thrill we haven’t experienced since the original KOTOR.

But let’s be honest, we’ll probably still cash in on that extra XP anyway. As far as new Star Wars games go, this one’s really all we’ve got.

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January’s first Triple XP event kicks off 1/4/2019.