First look at new Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Funko Pops!


New Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi Funko Pops have been released. Which ones will you be adding to your collection?

Funko’s Star Wars selection is expanding. The new Return of the Jedi Funko Pops are: No. 286 Endor Han Solo, No. 287 Ewok Village Princess Leia, No. 288 Electrocuted Darth Vader, No. 289 Emperor Palpatine with lightning, No. 290 Wicket W. Warrick and No. 291 Lando Calrissian as newly promoted General.

As fans remember, Return of the Jedi was, at the time, the last Star Wars film in the franchise. The story ended with the destruction of The Empire. Fans watched Ewoks battle stormtroopers on their moon planet Endor while Luke was able to save his father from himself. The film proved that our heroes were stronger than they appeared and that even a Sith Lord could redeem himself.

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It seems only natural that the new Funko Pops represented some of those keys moments. Fans can see the horrific lightning on Emperor Palpatine’s hands that he uses to torture Luke. The resemblance of a human skull is visible on Darth Vader as he is electrocuted by Emperor Palpatine.

Han Solo and the fierce yet cuddly Wicket look ready to fight on Endor, while Lando is dressed to impress as newly promoted General for his involvement in the Battle of Taanab. Last but not least fans remember one of Princess Leia’s several looks while on Endor. Especially during her scene with Luke where he reveals to her that not only is Darth Vader his father and she is his sister but she is Force-sensitive.

For a closer look at the new Funko Pops visit the Funko website including the No. 292 flocked Baby Nippet and 10-inch Wicket Pop!

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What do you think of these Return of the Jedi Funko Pops? Which one is your favorite? Leave your answers in the comment section below! I’d love to read them!