Fans are going nuts over a Star Wars UK tweet


Nowadays it does not take much to get Star Wars fans into a frenzy. Take for example a recent tweet that caused a stir.

This social media tidbit was brought to us from our friends at Star Wars UK, It simply ready “The calm before the galactic storm” with a GIF attached to it.

The simple, yet interesting tweet had fans guessing if it was a prelude to the Episode IX title or a teaser trailer. Really fans have been clamoring for anything especially now that we know filming has wrapped on Episode IX. Along with the aforementioned quote with the same GIF was Anakin saying “This is where the fun begins.”

It was a long discussion on the popular social media site.

Because this is Twitter certified (with a blue check mark) it was not sent out from a fan. Nor do I believe the account was hacked as other Tweets were not as ominous. This seems calculated and fits right in with Anthony Daniels tweets that had fans’ total attention.

Star Wars: Episode IX interest is very high and Lucasfiln is building the excitement the correct way. It seems either Disney or J.J. Abrams has learned a lesson about rushing into things. Yoda would be proud.

The secrecy that surrounds the production and now post-production is very noteworthy, and they have gone to great lengths to ensure leaks aren’t happening.

The powers that be have done just enough to keep interest. When it seems that the interest was fading there were new batches of social media stir ups.

So fans continue to speculate and wait — and watch Star Wars UK’s Twitter feed since it seems they have something to say.

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Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled to release worldwide on December 20.