Star Wars Resistance: Did Team Fireball escape the First Order?


The First Order prepared to arrest Team Fireball in the last episode of Star Wars Resistance. Were Kaz, Yeager and company able to escape?

Star Wars Resistance offered its first real taste of a cliffhanger in last week’s episode with the First Order surrounding them and preparing for their arrests. But Yeager and Kaz didn’t plan on going easily.

Just as Commander Pyre and his stormtroopers planned to detain Team Fireball, Bucket, the droid that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention so far on Star Wars Resistance, came to the rescue. Bucket created a diversion that allowed Kaz, Yeager and Neeku to escape – but it also sacrificed itself getting blown off the platform.

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If you noticed there was a name missing on that list of escapees it’s because Tam didn’t run off with her friends. She stayed behind thinking her innocence would protect her.

Despite all that she has seen with the First Order taking over the platform and everything she’s heard from Yeager and Kaz, she still doesn’t understand the full scope of what the First Order is capable of. She sees a military force that intends to bring order, but it will do so by any means necessary.

What’s interesting is how much power the First Order actually has. It has taken over the Outer Regions and lays claim to the platform on Castellon, calling the Resistance terrorists while the New Republic does nothing.

Once Kaz, Yeager and Neeku escape, they are running through the vents looking for a way out while the First Order trails them. Thankfully, the shell folk come through and whisk them away to Engineering where Kel and Eila are waiting.

Oh, and Bucket managed to make it there too with the Shell Folk repairing him after catching him in their fishing nets.

They face several problems. First, there is a jammer on the communication tower so no messages can get in or out. Second, the First Order wants them – likely dead – and third, the First Order has taken over the platform completely.

Kaz has a crazy idea to fix the first problem and get a message out to the Resistance. He wants to sink the platform.

Since the jammer is at the top of the Doza Tower, he wants to sink the platform so that only the top is above water. This way they can swim to it and disable the jammer.

Amazingly, everyone agrees to the crazy plan with Torra Doza looking wild eyed about it.

Here’s the thing – it works. We knew it would. But it’s still crazy.

But in the process, Yeager sacrificed himself to get Kaz to safety. Yeager was taken in by the First Order while Kaz and CB-23 made their way back to the safety of Engineering.

While there, they played a message received from General Organa and it was not what Kaz expected.

The Resistance was not coming. The citizens of the Colossus were not getting back up from their allies.

We have the luxury of knowing what’s going on with the Resistance. Poe is off to Jakuu. Many of the others are headed to Takadonna for a battle – like those captured on the Colossus by the First Order. It really is a bad time to send aid. It’s not what Kaz wants to hear, but it’s the reality he faces.

Instead, Kaz doesn’t intend of giving up and vows to take back the platform.

Meanwhile, Kaz’s transmission was intercepted by the pirates. While they didn’t give any indication on what they planned to do, Synara’s face said it all. We should expect to see the pirates in the final two episodes of the season.

All the while this was happening, Tam was being interrogated by newcomer security officer Tierney of the First Order Security Force. She didn’t use force or torture to get Tam to talk – though admittedly Tam doesn’t know much.

Tierney sweet talked Tam, played up to her sense of what’s right and wrong. The telling line about the First Order form Tierney was, “Our goal is peace through absolute order.”

Hello, old friend of the Empire. We missed you.

All in all, “Descent” was a fantastic episode of Star Wars Resistance. We weren’t kidding when we said the show keeps getting better and if this episode was any indication, the final two of the season are going to be must-watch.

Kaz came into his own as a hero and you could feel his sense of purpose. No longer can people stand on the sidelines and hope the problem of the First Order will go away. Instead, it’s time to fight.

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