Star Wars: Episode IX crew gifts hint at new stormtrooper helmet design


We know there is a new stormtrooper on the way in Star Wars: Episode IX and thanks to the crew gifts shared we might know their helmet design.

One of the few things we do know about Star Wars: Episode IX is there is a new stormtrooper on the way. This was first rumored last year via a report from Making Star Wars and then all but confirmed when they showed up at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge along with the potentially new TIE Fighter for Episode IX.

So we’re all pretty much in agreement that this new stormtrooper, going by the unofficial name of Red Dead Trooper, is going to show up. It would be a huge surprise if they didn’t, considering the amount of information that has been discovered.

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Now, thanks to gifts the crew members have been receiving, there is the possibility we now have an idea of what this stormtroopers helmet design will be like. Crew members have been sharing t-shirts and hats they received, which have a design on them that have got fans wondering.

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The design isn’t anything we have seen before. It is not the resistance logo, or symbols from a text, or anything like that. So whatever it is, you can bet it is unique to Star Wars: Episode IX, otherwise why us it in the first place?

Fans have been making their own suggestions and the leading idea is the symbol is the helmet design of this new stormtrooper’s helmet. Some fans have gone as far as using their artistic skills by creating their own artistic rendition of what the helmet will look like based on this design.

Of course, without official confirmation via Star Wars or someone from Disney/Lucasfilm we won’t know for certain unless they appear in the trailer or until Episode IX comes out in theatres.

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What do you think? Is the design a hint of the new stormtrooper helmet? Or something else entirely? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.