How to stream the Star Wars Resistance Season 1 finale


Star Wars Resistance’s first season finale is here with Kaz and friends trying to rid the Colossus of the First Order once and for all. Get details below on how to stream the show online.

The way Star Wars Resistance left last week’s episode had us shaking. We’ve seen the destruction of Hosnian Prime before, but this time it was through Kaz’s eyes.

In that moment, the Resistance spy lost his family, his home, his world.

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Kaz doesn’t even have time to think about what happened either because the First Order still has the Colossus under the lockdown while Tam has been captured by the military group. Want to watch the Star Wars Resistance Season 1 finale, “No Escape Part 2?” Get the details below on how you can stream it.

First, Kaz needs to rescue Yeager and Doza. After that, it’s time to rescue Tam who looks as though she’s ready to leave with the First Order. There’s a chance she could join them.

Tam wasn’t happy with Kaz since he came on board the team. She felt slighted as she’s been working on the Fireball for quite some time and Kaz got to fly it. It seemed Kaz got preferential treatment from Yeager.

Then when Tam learned Yeager and Kaz lied to her about who he really was, it fueled her anger even more. Now, she will have a choice to make.

Watching Tam’s struggles and the way the First Order uses psychology, it’s easy to see how people fall in line with them. They have forgotten about the evilness of the Empire and side with order to make peace.

They forget just how evil the Empire was, destroying people and worlds.

Kaz isn’t just looking to save Tam though. He’s looking to rid the whole platform of the First Order, and he’s just crazy enough to do it.

Here’s the synopsis from The Disney Channel on Star Wars Resistance “No Escape Part 2”:

"With Neeku’s help, Kaz comes up with a risky plan to rid the Colossus of the First Order once and for all."

Next. Star Wars Resistance has been renewed for a second season. dark

Here are the details on how you can stream Star Wars Resistance online.

Date: Sunday, March 17
Start Time: 10 p.m. ET
Episode: Season 1, Episode 20, “No Escape Part 2”
TV Channel: Disney Channel
Live StreamStream 1

Tune into Star Wars Resistance Sundays on Disney Channel at 10 p.m. ET.