Star Wars: Thrawn: Treason hits stores today


The latest Star Wars novel hits stores today. Thrawn: Treason is the final book of the trilogy. How will it end?

The highly anticipated Thrawn: Treason hits bookshelves today. The Star Wars novel completes the Timothy Zahn trilogy of the popular alien character.

Thrawn came back into canon with Zahn’s first book in the trilogy back in 2017. He left his homeworld looking for information, but wound up deep in the Empire’s pocket working for Palpatine.

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While he went on missions for the Emperor, he sent his protege Eli Vento back to his homeworld to help fulfill his quest. Want to know more? You can find all the details of the plot here if you’re looking to be spoiled.

You can pick up the book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or where ever books are sold.

Yes, Eli is back! Thrawn and Eli became quick friends at the Academy. There, Thrawn protected Eli while also teaching him to focus, learn about his surroundings and working harder and smarter. Unfortunately, Eli was absent from the second book and Thrawn didn’t have many friends.

The first book of the trilogy was just an introduction to Thrawn. It showed us his intelligence, how he operated and that what he had to go through to become a Grand Admiral.

Thrawn: Alliances put the blue alien and Anakin Skywalker on the same path. It also showed him working with Darth Vader. It was subtle, but Thrawn certainly realized Anakin and Vader were one in the same.

Given how compelling the first two books were, there no reason to think Thrawn: Treason won’t be one either.

Next stop, hopefully, we can get Thrawn into a live-action series or a Star Wars movie. Of the characters we haven’t seen on screen yet, he is certainly high on the list.

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Thrawn: Treason is out in stores now.