Star Wars: Myths & Fables and A Crash Of Fate: Details available for those who want them


Inspired by a fellow Star Wars fan. Details about the upcoming novels, Myths & Fables and A Crash Of Fate are available for those who want them.

SDCC is one of my favorite times of year. Not only do we get to hear about upcoming movies and TV shows, we also get our hands on gear that is not due for release in stores for another few months. Star Wars had several early releases at the convention, Thrawn Treason, Myths & Fables and A Crash Of Fate.

Problem is, if you don’t attend the convention, you have two choices. You either wait until the product you want is available in stores, or you jump on e-bay and pay a ridiculously inflated price for the SDCC early release exclusive.

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None of these options are really ideal; thankfully there is a third option. It started with Thrawn Treason and is now available with Myths & Fables and A Crash Of Fate.

Reddit user KejsarePDX offered fans details about Thrawn Treason to fans who wanted to know as KejsarePDX had the early release SDCC copy. Basically, fans answered questions and KejsarePDX provided the answers.

This was really awesome for those who wanted to know details about the new Star Wars book ahead of time and Reddit user tomdec1 clearly thought the same. Because, tomdec1 is giving fans details about Myths & Fables and A Crash Of Fate.

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Both of the Star Wars books are not out in stores until August 6, but if you want early details, pop over to the Reddit thread where tomdec1 is answering questions. tomdec1, like KejsarePDX, got the Star Wars books at SDCC and is sharing details for those who want them.

So if you want the scoop early, visit the Reddit thread here, have a look and see if your question has been asked, if not, feel free to throw it in among the rest.

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What do you think about the details for Myths & Fables and A Crash Of Fate being available? Do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.