Star Wars podcast: The D23 teaser breakdown episode


The newest Dork Side of the Force podcast deep dives into the D23 Star Wars Skywalker Saga sizzle reel. Listen to the latest episode.

The Star Wars “sizzle reel” from D23 came out and it should have broken the internet. We haven’t stopped writing, chatting and thinking about it because of all the shocking scenes.

The latest Dork Side of the Force podcast with Sooz and Meg breaks down the D23 teaser, discussing the overall reel, the big moments and ever-so-patiently waiting for The Rise of Skywalker to release.

What did they think of Dark Rey, C-3PO’s red eyes and all those Star Destroyers? Have a listen to the podcast and leave your comments below on your thoughts on the teaser.

There is so much to discuss when it comes to what’s will happen in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, there will be a lot more chats on the Skywalker Saga finale. This episode is just the first as there will be a lot more to come when an official trailer eventualy comes out.

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