Star Wars: Jon Favreau will direct episodes of The Mandalorian Season 2


Jon Favreau continues to discuss The Mandalroain and reveals he’s jumping in the director’s chair for the Star Wars series second season.

While Disney hasn’t officially announced a renewal to The Mandalorian, showrunner Jon Favreau is already planning for a second season of the Star Wars live-action series.

A single episode of the series hasn’t even aired, but Favreau is so far down the planning stages of Season 2, he told Entertainment Weekly he plans to direct an episode next season. The first season of The Mandalorian saw a range of well known directors including Dallas Bryce Howard, Taika Waititi and Star Wars darling Dave Filoni.

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Favreau didn’t get a chance to direct during the first season because he was working on The Lion King.

The Mandalorian is one of the things I’m most excited for – only second to The Rise of Skywalker. Since The Mandalorian arrives on November 12 with the launch of Disney+, we’ll get that soon enough. By all accounts, it certainly seems like the first undertaking of a live-action series has everything that fans are looking for.

There’s also a lot of fun involved from the actors and directors to the Easter eggs and potential storyline (which we’ve only had rumors).

Given how much Disney is putting behind The Mandalorian – it’s a Day One Disney+ series – it’s no surprise Favreau is already working on and planning for a second season. He revealed previously he’s been working on scripts.

I would just like to know what The Mandalorian is about.

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The Mandalorian is scheduled to premiere on Disney+ on November 12.