Did Brie Larson just reveal she’s going to be in a Star Wars movie?


Brie Larson tweeted a Star Wars-themed photo that could imply she is joining the Star Wars franchise in an upcoming project.

Star Wars and Marvel have already experienced more than one actor crossover on the big screen over the years. Natalie Portman, who first appeared as Padmé Amidala way back in 1999, also plays Jane Foster, soon to be Mighty Thor, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And Samuel L. Jackson has also lent his talents to both franchises, first as Mace Windu in the prequels and later as Nick Fury — somehow he has portrayed both characters free of certain four-letter expletives, but hey, there’s plenty of MCU left for that to change.

With such a history of permitting major actors to appear in both universes — and why wouldn’t they have, since Disney has only owned both IPs since 2013 — it’s no surprise that yet another Marvel veteran, though a much more recent addition to the Avengers team, might soon head to a galaxy far, far away.

At least, that’s what we’ve gathered based on her very non-specific and suspiciously timed tweet Thursday night.


It’s just a cryptic tweet. It probably doesn’t mean anything.

It just happened to come a day after it was announced that Marvel President Kevin Feige is making a Star Wars movie.

And Brie Larson has just coincidentally mentioned once or twice that she really, really wants to be in a Star Wars movie.

It was also originally reported that Feige had already spoken with a major actor who he had in mind for a role. He and Larson have worked together before. They talk.

Audiences typically have mixed feelings about the actress — your opinion of her might depend on the movies you’ve seen her appear in (if you haven’t seen Room, I highly recommend).

She has also talked openly about being an introvert and preferring to remain more reserved, which sometimes means she comes off as less charismatic in interviews — as a quiet person who loves to perform but still gets nervous, this is totally understandable. Cut her some slack.

One of the biggest criticisms to an official “Brie Larson finally gets a lightsaber” announcement would be that Larson is a highly successful and well-known star, and casting her would take away a major role from someone less experienced. And casting a major actress like Larson could be seen as a move to draw more crowds … not that Star Wars needs that. It’s Star Wars.

The franchise has hardly suffered from casting relatively unknown actors in major roles.

Daisy Ridley has already found major Hollywood success since being cast as Rey. Her career from this point forward will continue to thrive. It may have happened anyway, eventually — she’s good at her craft. But appearing in a Star Wars movie really puts you on the map.

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Brie Larson doesn’t need that. She is an Oscar-winning actress — she has certainly proven her impressive acting range over the years, especially in a movie like Room.

But do you know what Star Wars does need now more than ever? People in front of the camera with major reach and influence on social media who are super enthusiastic about the franchise.

Not that the current faces of Star Wars — the Ridleys and the John Boyegas and Oscar Isaacses — aren’t enthusiastic. We’ve just been hearing about Larson’s desire to join up for a long time. Let her have her moment.

Giving her even a minor role would not hurt anyone. I’m sure there are some “fans” out there who would beg to differ, but hey, you get to have your opinion and I get to have mine. Let’s shake hands and move on.

If we hear any new announcements related to future projects, they’ll probably come straight out of New York Comic-Con next weekend. Stay tuned for any big news on the horizon, and may the Force be with you.

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