Dork Side of the Force podcast: Thrawn: Treason book review


Thrawn is back with a new adventure in the final chapter of the current Star Wars novel trilogy. Listen to the latest review what could possibly be next.

With the announcement Thrawn is coming back for another trilogy — though in prequel form — it’s time to post our latest Star Wars podcast where Sooz and Meg revview Thrawn: Treason.

Thrawn: Treason featured the blue alien as he contonues his adventures as part of the Empire. Listen to the podcast and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Thrawn was a character that origianlly appeared in what is now considered Legends books. He was also a popular character, one that had transcended beyond the movie characters.

When Disney purchased Lucasfilm, his character along with dozens of others and storylines were put into the “Legends” category and not considered canon anymore. However, Disney has slowly brought some characters or aspects of their stories back.

Thrawn has now appeared in three canon books and in Star Wars Rebels. While we get to learn everything that’s happened to Thrawn before Rebels, what happened after is still unknown.

Thrawn: Treason explores a key point in the Chiss’ career in the Empire. It takes place as the Death Star is still being built so we get appearances from Director Krennic and Moff Tarkin.

We also get the return of Eli Vanto, Thrawn’s friend he made in the Academy who was noticeably absent from the second book of the trilogy.

The podcast explores the current story with possibilities of future tales told in the Star Wars universe. Keep in mind, this was recorded before the news of the new Thrawn Trilogy was announced at New York Comic Con.

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Thrawn: Treason is available to read now from your local bookstores.