Wait, how much is this Star Wars LEGO figure worth?


Keep those Star Wars LEGO minifigures where you can see them because this one is worth a couple of thousand dollars.

A few weeks ago I wrote about a particular Star Wars Yoda LEGO minifigure worth $597.97 in my Star Wars: This retired LEGO figure comes with a hefty price tag article. Since then I have found another valuable LEGO minifig that is worth a lot more.

In fact, it’s worth $3,867.45 to $4,995 according to Ranker.com. I’m talking about the Orange Prototype C-3PO.

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According to All The Rarest And Most Valuable LEGO Minifigures: “This is a prototype minifigure of C-3PO from 1999, the same year LEGO officially introduced their Star Wars line.”

This may be the explanation as to why C-3PO indeed looks orange from helmet to feet except for the hands which are the classic LEGO yellow color.

If C-3PO felt bare in The Phantom Menace with all of his parts showing imagine how bare he must feel in this form. Compare this 1999 Protocol Droid to ones of today, fans can notice the attention to detail and color changes he has undergone.

Nevertheless, it is hard to ignore how unique this minifigure looks. He is a prototype after all.

I wanted to do some research into another valuable C-3PO minifig I spotted on the 20 Very Rare (And Very Really Expensive) LEGO Minifigures article list from 2014. This one is not worth as much but is still worth talking about.

While I could not find the Orange Prototype C-3PO on the Brick Economy website I was able to find how much the LEGO Star Wars Gold Chrome Plated C-3PO is worth.

This LEGO minifig is listed on the website at the current value of $980.

With 6.31% annual growth this very shiny and very gold C-3PO is stunning! Traveling back to the year 2007, those who obtained this minifig did so at random. In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars, these gold chrome plated C-3PO’s were added to 10,000 Star Wars sets in sealed bags.

Imagine receiving or buying your very own Star Wars LEGO set and finding this beautiful C-3PO minifigure inside. He looks like he jumped right out of A New Hope and into your hand!

Imagine treasuring this minifigure over the years, keeping it in good condition and discovering how much it is worth today.

It might seem hard to believe that something so small could be worth so much. If you are lucky enough to have them, would you sell them or keep them forever?

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Do you have this LEGO minifigure? Which characters would you like to see as LEGO minifigs? Leave your answers in the comment section below! I’d love to read them!