Star Wars: 10 reasons a Doctor Aphra TV series must happen

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8. Sense of humor

There has always been a decent sense of humor in Star Wars. Always someone to provide a lift. In the prequels it was (supposed to be, but was absolutely not) Jar Jar Binks. Obi-Wan had his laughs too. In the original trilogy, Han and the droids gave us some titters. Then came Finn, who was quite funny, along with more droids and a few one-offs like Babu Frik.

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But the sense of humor of Doctor Aphra is tremendous, and it’s not just character based. The tone of the series is grounded in comedy like no other Star Wars comic book series, and presumably, that would carry over into the TV series as well. It would defeat the purpose if it didn’t.

There is a lot of character-specific humor as well, the likes of which is unique to the Aphra series alone. Triple Zero, for instance? A complete hoot. A complete, murdering hoot. And Beetee isn’t far behind.

It’s also situational humor. Doctor Aphra is constantly getting herself into jams and finagling her way out of it with wit and humor. That’s just not something that the Star Wars universe has seen on the screen, and it will help the deeper elements of the show hit that much harder.

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