Star Wars: 10 reasons a Doctor Aphra TV series must happen

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5. Still connected enough

Yes, Doctor Aphra has nothing to do with the Skywalker saga. Just like The Mandalorian doesn’t. But some of the main draws of The Mandalorian have foundation in the Skywalker saga. Din Djarin is a Mandalorian, just like Boba Fett. Everyone immediately wanted to know if he knew Boba Fett.

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Baby Yoda

? Sorry… The Child? Sure, we care about him because he’s just so damn adorable, but what’s the one thing on everyone’s mind? Does he know Papa Yoda? Are they related? What can we find out about the Yoda alien species? That’s all grounded in the Skywalker saga.

Same as Doctor Aphra. This story has the liberty of being its own thing while still having enough crossover to appeal to both fans of Star Wars in general, and just fans of a new Science Fiction series that just so happens to take place in the same universe where Luke once blew up the Death Star.

As I mentioned earlier, one big draw is the potential presence of Darth Vader, and it stands to reason that we’d see more familiar faces throughout the series, and that’s fine. But it won’t be a main factor of what makes this show successful.

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