Which era will the next Star Wars animated series take place?

Photo: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 709 “Old Friends Not Forgotten” - Image Courtesy Disney+
Photo: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 709 “Old Friends Not Forgotten” - Image Courtesy Disney+ /

Now that the Clone Wars has had its series finale, the question stands which era the next Star Wars animated series will take place.

The past May the 4th, the series finale to Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series dropped on Disney+. While the season had its ups and downs, it finished on a very high note, and a finale that many fans were satisfied with.

Overall, the final season of The Clone Wars was popular on Disney+, something Lucasfilm’s parent company surely took notice of, and the likelihood is that we will see another new Star Wars animated series to be produced in the near future.

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As The Clone Wars covered the time period between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, and Rebels takes place between the end of the Prequel Trilogy and start of A New Hope, it appears there are two main time periods primed to be explored in the Star Wars Universe.

While they could surprise Star Wars fans and set it during the newly produced High Republic Era, set 400 years before the events of Star Wars, that seems unlikely since that era for now will cover mainly books and comics.

I expect the next Star Wars cartoon will take place either post-Return of the Jedi and focus around the continued adventures of Luke, Han and Leia in animated form, or it could be set following the Sequel Trilogy, following the new generation of characters such as Rey, Finn and Poe.

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There are a lot of benefits to making a series with the original trilogy characters. One of the main complaints of the Sequel Trilogy was the characters from the original trilogy such as Luke, Leia and Han were not as heavily featured as fans had hoped, so this would appease those fans who wished to see more of adventures featuring those characters.

Further supporting the idea to set a series during this time period, Disney has already decided to explore this era with their original Star Wars content, as The Mandalorian is set in the time period, roughly five years following the events of Return of the Jedi.

Additionally, there are dozens of popular stories from Star Wars legends that fans are known to hold in high regard, such as the acclaimed Admiral Thrawn Trilogy, stories could easily be derived from to make a truly entertaining show.

On the other hand, these animated Star Wars series are generally aimed for children as their primary demographic, and it may make more sense to have this generation’s batch of movies be the basis for the next series. Now that the First Order has been vanquished and the Emperor has been defeated, there are definitely new stories to tell with the Sequel Trilogy’s heroes, as there is sure to be unrest in the galaxy now that the major governing force is gone.

Setting the next animated series after The Rise of Skywalker could give us a chance to see how Rey fairs in her attempt to restart the Jedi Order, explore more of Poe’s back story and his relationship with Zorii, and maybe more appearances from Luke as a force ghost..

Either way, if as much care is put into it as this past season of The Clone Wars, I’m sure the final product will be enjoyable for Star Wars fans, and who knows, maybe Disney could surprise us and produce both at the same time.

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Which Era of Star Wars would you want the next animated series set in? Leave your comments down below.