Star Wars: Rumored video game announcement coming next week

Potential new Star Wars game announcement coming next week

There’s nothing like a little teasing to get us ready for some Star Wars news.

Jordan Maison, the Editor-in-Chief at Cinelinx, tweeted a reminder that EA Motive is working on a video game. It’s unknown what the game is about, but it seems all that is about to clear up.

Maison says to pay attention next week because an announcement is imminent, but in the replies, there are several who are more clear that news will be coming on Tuesday (June 2).

While games based on the franchise have had mixed reviews over the years, Jedi: Fallen Order was a huge success. It sold millions of copies, but also was well received by fans. It did so well on all of those fronts a sequel is on the way.

There is also a LEGO Star Wars game slated to release later this year featuring moments from throughout the Skywalker Saga, including the sequel trilogy.

Star Wars game speculation

There is certainly speculation and rumors as to what the game from Motive might be (which had apparently been dubbed Project Maverick) — anything from a flight simulator to a new version of Knights of The Old Republic — but there is nothing concrete. However, back in December EA Arts Motive VP and General Manager Patrick Klaus said the studio was working “a very unique Star Wars experience,” reported.

The studio is not unknown when it comes to the franchise. It also worked on Battlefront II, and the cancelled EA Visceral game, as noted in the report.

Motive recently launched new social media channels. So now might be the time to five them a follow.

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What type of game would you like to see made?