The future of Star Wars: A complete guide to upcoming projects

Chapter 5. The Child in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+
Chapter 5. The Child in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+ /
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Chapter 5. The Child in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+
Chapter 5. The Child in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+ /

What does the future hold for Star Wars? Well, there’s plenty of projects that are in development, planned, or rumored.

Despite wrapping up the main Skywalker Saga story with The Rise of Skywalker, the Star Wars franchise isn’t slowing down anytime soon. There are new movies, Disney+ shows, video games, and books that will continue to explore the galaxy’s never-ending depths.

Let’s walk through Star Wars‘ massive list of upcoming or teased projects.

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New Star Wars movies on the horizon

2022, 2024, and 2026 releases

Lucasfilm and Disney are already planning ahead for the beloved franchise’s near future — that includes plotting a course all the way to 2026. These three movies were originally announced in 2019, with Games of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss set to helm the 2022 release, which was the first of a trilogy that the pair were developing.

However, Benioff and Weiss stepped away from their Star Wars involvement due to too many commitments, leaving the timeline with more questions than answers. Disney clarified in April that the 2022 release is still on schedule, although it’s unclear what the film is on or who is leading it. The 2024 and 2026 movies are still on Disney’s release schedule as well, but we’re in the dark on if the three scheduled films are connected as a trilogy or standalone stories.

Rian Johnson’s trilogy

News on Rian Johnson’s trilogy has been relatively quiet since it was announced on in November 2017. Backlash to Johnson’s approach in The Last Jedi has caused rumors to float about his trilogy being cancelled, but the director has denied those as they’ve popped up.

In January, Johnson said that he and Lucasfilm are “still talking” but they “haven’t announced anything on their slate yet.” That quote points to Johnson’s trilogy still being in some part of the development phase rather than being shelved completely.

Taika Waititi’s movie

The annual Star Wars celebration that takes place on May The Fourth was headlined this year by news that Taika Waititi is directing his own movie in the franchise. Waititi has become one of the biggest names in Hollywood through his unique, comedic style that not only revived Thor in the MCU but also landed him an Oscar for his work on Jojo Rabbit.

While details are slim on Waititi’s project, there are many reasons to be excited about his Star Wars involvement.

JD Dillard’s mystery project

In February, which feels like a lifetime ago, it was reported that writer-director JD Dillard and writer Matt Owens are in the early stages of developing a new feature for Lucasfilm. Much like other future movie announcements, not a lot of details are known at the moment.

The original report by The Hollywood Reporter said that it wasn’t clear if Dillard, who earned recognition for writing and directing Sleight, would direct this project if it moves forward. Furthermore, it’s unknown if this feature will be released in theaters or saved for Disney+.

Kevin Feige’s movie

Yes, that’s right: Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige is working on a new Star Wars movie. The Hollywood Reporter highlighted that Feige is already planting seeds for his movie, reporting that Feige “has told a major actor that there’s a specific role he would like that person to play if and when he makes the movie.” The fact that Feige already has ideas about who could star in his film shows his passion for the project.

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy said it was Feige who approached the franchise about getting involved. However, Kennedy notes that if the project goes through, it will be “a ways off” as they’re just in the “beginning” of discussing what Feige’s film will look like.