The Mandalorian: 3 reasons why Baby Yoda deserves an Emmy

The Child in THE MANDALORIAN, season two, exclusively on Disney+. Image courtesy Disney+
The Child in THE MANDALORIAN, season two, exclusively on Disney+. Image courtesy Disney+ /

Emmy season is here!  The Mandalorian has won a few awards, but what about its adorable scene-stealing Baby Yoda?

Jon Favreau was onto something when he created The Mandalorian. Everything screams “Star Wars,” including Baby Yoda. Now that the series is about to air its second season, we’re going to be asking ourselves why The Child deserves an Emmy of his own as it is Emmy season right now. We’ve got three reasons why the little guy who has captured everyone’s hearts needs his own statuette.

But before we dive into why Baby Yoda deserves his own Emmy, we need to congratulate the crew behind The Mandalorian. They have already won five Emmy awards, including one for the episode “Chapter 2: The Child.”

If this isn’t a sign that Baby Yoda deserves an Emmy, I don’t know what is.

3 reasons why Baby Yoda deserves an Emmy

1. He’s unlike any other character on television

There are so many reasons why Baby Yoda needs his own Emmy. However, this is just one of them: The little guy is unlike any character on television at the moment. He might not talk or be human, but he has a massive heart, even if his actions are wrong. Look at what happened when he thought Mando was in trouble. He Force-choked Cara Dune because he believed she was harming his adoptive daddy.

As cute as it was to watch, that’s not the way Cara saw it.

What makes him remarkable is that he’s not CGI for any of his appearances. He is a puppet like his older counterpart Yoda during the original trilogy. There are very small animated components to The Child, like when he activates the dome of his flying cradle.

2. He’s adorable… for a 50-year-old

Okay, okay. Baby Yoda should be given a special Emmy for just being cute. However, he should also be allowed to in one of the acting categories regardless of whether he is just a puppet being controlled by remote control or strings, whatever comes first.

Baby has all the traits of an actor, even if he isn’t a real being. There should be a category where he is just given an award for the sake of it.

3. Fans and the media love him

Another reason Baby Yoda should get an Emmy is because the fans and the media love him. It was such a surprise to see that a little Yoda creature was the “bounty” The Client and Doctor Pershing were so desperate to get their hands on.

Since the reveal, people have theorized so many different things about how The Child has come to be. Theories have included everything from he was a clone of Yoda to the offspring of the Grand Master and fellow Jedi Yaddle.

There has been every type of merchandise under the sun released of this little guy. From Funko Pop! vinyl figures to pajamas, fans cannot get enough. Now that he is no longer a closely guarded secret, fans feel strongly about he was treated by the stormtroopers towards the end of the season.

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Why do you think Baby Yoda deserves an Emmy? Be sure to tell us below!