The High Republic #3 preview: Something truly creepy is haunting Keeve Trennis

Star Wars: The High Republic (2021) #3 cover crop. Photo: Lucasfilm.
Star Wars: The High Republic (2021) #3 cover crop. Photo: Lucasfilm. /

Believe it or not, the Star Wars: The High Republic comic is already coming up on its third issue. It feels like just yesterday that the High Republic series was launched. But somehow, it’s almost March, and that means it’s almost time for a new issue of Marvel Comics’ The High Republic.

The third issue to come out is due on March 3, and 3-3-3 (the third issue on the third day of the third month!) must be a lucky number because Star Wars just released a preview of the comic book issue that’s set to come out.

While The High Republic literary series has many new characters, this one in particular follows new Jedi Keeve Trennis who’s embarking on her first mission as a knight. In the previous issue, Keeve noticed her former master Sskeer was acting different, a little more tempered than usual. And now, as mentions, Sskeer and Ceret have gone off on their own mission, but something has happened to Ceret. What could it be? That’s what Keeve is here to explore in issue #3.

The High Republic #3 preview summary provides a few pages of the upcoming issue in their preview. But for a too long, didn’t read version of that summary, we have it for you here.

The High Republic #3.
Star Wars: The High Republic (2021-) #3. Photo: Lucasfilm. /

Keeve Trennis has descended upon the planet of Sedri, the planet her fellow Jedi were visiting on their mission — a mission to investigate a barley crop with connections to the Hutts. The crop itself grows much higher than the average person, and it certainly doesn’t smell pleasant either. When Keeve finds herself going through the crops to look for her former master and Jedi colleague, she comes across a young boy who voluntarily agrees to help Keeve on her search.

As they go through the crop, Keeve senses something strange in there. A “shadow.” And within a few steps of them later, they come across a massive sinkhole. The young boy jumps in, and Keeve catches him with the Force just in time before something bad happens. But as the boy is being pulled back up, Keeve then reveals that she senses “something” is down there.

That’s where the preview cuts off — quite the interesting cliffhanger. But all the while, the preview certainly gives off a creepy, eerie feel to it. Something is lurking in the gigantic sinkhole? No thanks. We’ll be hiding under the covers! Even while making her way through the crop, the mysterious boy who shows up asks Keeve if she’s scared. Totally not creepy at all! (And even the cover has creepy undertones!)

Those subtle creepy undertones are mostly thanks to writer Cavan Scott, who previously shared his love of the horror genre and how he planned to incorporate it into the Shadow of Vader’s Castle comic. And we have to give credit to the illustrations as well, which goes to Ario Anindito and the cover, created by Phil Noto. Who knew those little elements of horror would be finding their way into The High Republic comic?

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To see what happens next to Keeve, Sskeer, and everyone else, you can read The High Republic #3 when it comes out on March 3.