Star Wars characters: Who is Revan in the Star Wars universe?

Star Wars character Revan in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Photo: Lucasfilm.
Star Wars character Revan in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Photo: Lucasfilm. /

It’s been claimed that only “true” fans know about characters like Revan in the Star Wars universe. But the universe is so vast and filled with so many characters who don’t even get screen time that we can’t blame someone if they don’t know every single Star Wars character front to back.

Still, even though Revan isn’t a big part of Disney’s Star Wars canon (yet), he is a character who you should get to know — especially if you love the complex characters and story arcs that Star Wars is known for. So, who is Revan? Read on to know more about this Star Wars character who many fans are hoping will someday find his way to the big (or small) screen.

Star Wars’ Revan: Who is he?

Revan’s first official appearance in the Star Wars universe was in the game Knights of the Old Republic from 2003, where players learned about one side of Revan’s history. (We say one side because this character does some bouncing back and forth between the Dark and the Light.) And later, he appeared in other video games and even novels.

But his story begins as a child, who was discovered to be Force-sensitive, so he was accepted by the Jedi Order. Through his training, Revan was discovered to be incredibly powerful in the ways of the Force and, a quick learner, he eventually became a Jedi Knight.

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Revan was also fundamental in ending the Mandalorians’ ever-expanding conquering of foreign territories. Revan was not initially supported by the Jedi Council to intervene in the war. But eventually, he led the way with the Republic’s army and helped to end the war by bringing down Mandalore the Ultimate.

He even acquired his mask from a fallen Mandalorian as he swore to bring an end to the Mandalorian’s plundering.

Later, Revan was turned to the Dark Side after he and his partner Malak were captured by the Sith Emperor Vitiate. And from there, he gained the new title of Darth Revan. On the Dark Side, Revan was insanely powerful and won many wars waged against the Republic.

But when his partner Darth Malak turned on him (nearly killing him), Revan was rescued by his soon-to-be-wife Jedi Bastila Shan. And the Jedi Council decided to have his memory as a Sith wiped so he could fight on their side once again.

Revan was then used by the Jedi to kill Darth Malak, who had rose to power with the Sith. Though, despite having his mind wiped, he was often plagued by visions of his time as Darth Revan. As he tried to piece things together, Revan eventually went off to kill Vitiate himself. But his plan backfired when Vitiate captured him once again and held him prisoner for many years. Once Revan was able to escape, his vow to kill Vitiate had gone unfulfilled, as Revan was killed by an Imperial strike team. But, as Variant Comics explains, what makes Revan so cool is that his will to kill the Emperor was so strong that the Dark side of him refused to die. And so he brought himself back to life just to fulfill his final mission.

Revan’s story concludes in somewhat of a happy yet equally complex ending. Though the Emperor had been killed by someone else, he was eventually brought back to life as well. Even though Dark Revan was not able to kill the Emperor even after the two had been brought back, Revan eventually made peace with that fact and the Force. And in his death, he merged both the Light and Dark sides of himself back together again. Luckily, through his spirit, he later was able to assist in the termination of Vitiate once and for all.

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So, it’s clear to see that there is so much to Revan’s story and history. And there’s much more here that we barely even had the time to mention. But hopefully, as Star Wars continues to expand its universe, Revan will be brought into the mix so more fans will know about his legacy.