When is the Star Wars: The Bad Batch finale?

Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Image courtesy Lucasfilm, Disney+
Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Image courtesy Lucasfilm, Disney+ /

Editor’s note 5/10/21: This story has been edited to include information about The Bad Batch season 1 length reveal.

Fans of Star Wars’ animated television series are in for a treat with the long-awaited Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

The Disney+ series revolving around Clone Force 99 is a spinoff of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and we’ll get to see the Bad Batch and other familiar faces back in action again. Already, we’ve seen a teaser trailer for the series in December. Then a full Bad Batch trailer came out in early April, which drove up hype for the May 4 premiere.

And to top things off, Star Wars announced that the Star Wars Day (May 4) premiere would be a special 70-minute episode — promising that we were bound to see some good stuff right out of the gate. In addition to that, another regular episode aired that Friday, May 7. According to Disney+’s May calendar, that means we’ll have five episodes of The Bad Batch total by the end of May.

When will The Bad Batch finale air?

According to showrunner Brad Rau in an interview with CNETStar Wars: The Bad Batch season 1 will have 16 episodes. That means The Bad Batch finale should be Friday, Aug. 13, 2021.

Here’s what Rau said in the interview:

"We have 16 episodes in season 1. We can’t confirm any more than that, but we have high hopes. We love these characters. We’d love to keep telling the stories."

While he couldn’t confirm if there were multiple seasons, he did confirm that much — which is super helpful to know. So, we are looking at a full spring and summer’s worth of Bad Batch episodes to keep us going. That far exceeds the eight-episode order we got for The Mandalorian, which means Star Wars has plenty to tell when it comes to this new series.

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