Who is Admiral Rampart in The Bad Batch?

The Bad Batch season 1 episode 3: Replacements. Photo courtesy of Disney+.
The Bad Batch season 1 episode 3: Replacements. Photo courtesy of Disney+. /

The Bad Batch, like previous series before it, is set to fill in the gaps of Star Wars lore that are brimming with possibilities. One of the show’s first ventures into writing pieces of untold history into the franchise is the inclusion of Admiral Rampart and Project War Mantle.

As far as we’re aware, episode 3 of The Bad Batch aptly named “Replacements,” is the first time Admiral Rampart has entered the Star Wars universe.

He’s a man eager to see the Empire rise and cement its firm grasp on the galaxy starting with the implementation of chain codes, as seen in episode 2 “Cut and Run,” and moving onto Project War Mantle.

His plan, which CBR reports was first introduced into the franchise as a code-name file featured in the film Rogue One, is set to change the entire structure of the Republic turned Empire forces as they’ve been seen so far in the connected animated series universe.

SPOILER ALERT: The remainder of the article contains spoilers for The Bad Batch episode 3 “Replacements.”

What is Admiral Rampart’s Project War Mantle plan?

For those wondering how troopers went from being clones of Jango Fett to humans in the original trilogy and its sequel trilogy, Project War Mantle is Star Wars’ answer.

The project is Rampart’s brainchild, one that will see skilled clones in command of elite human soldiers. It’s the admiral’s belief that clones can’t secure the future of the Empire by themselves. In his view, a truly formidable army would see a combination of the fighting forces. However, “Replacements” also sets up the inevitable removal of the clones from the Empire’s army entirely.

Governor Tarkin sees the clone troopers as a temporary facet of the Empire’s needs. When it becomes clear that inhibitor chips push clones to the extreme of carrying out orders, he’ll have the evidence he needs to make clones obsolete.

The prime example in this episode is Crosshair’s killing of his teammate after he refuses to kill civilians. In Crosshair’s mind, handling Saw Gerrera’s rebels included taking care of anyone associated with the group no matter the reason.

Neither Tarkin nor Rampart questioned the absence of the soldier upon the group’s return. It was chalked up to a casualty of war, but if this keeps happening, it will definitely become a problem for the other clones perhaps even for the Bad Batch, too.

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