The Bad Batch episode 4 synopsis, title, and runtime revealed

Star Wars: The Bad Batch, “Cornered,” now streaming on Disney+! Photo: Disney+
Star Wars: The Bad Batch, “Cornered,” now streaming on Disney+! Photo: Disney+ /

The Bad Batch episode 4 has dropped, which means we’re in for yet another ride with the fan-dubbed Dad Batch with Omega in tow.

We last left off with “Replacements,” an episode that introduced Admiral Rampart. To the best of our knowledge, it was the character’s first appearance in the Star Wars universe.

His debut came with information on Project War Mantle. Rampart’s idea, if fully actualized, will see the Empire’s army turned into a blended force of elite soldiers both humans and clones.

However, “Replacements” also planted the seeds for history on how the stormtroopers went from an all-clone fighting body to a human one. That story promises to bloom into a tragedy. But, at least in episode 4, The Bad Batch has introduced a new and entirely different element to the rogue crew’s story.

The Bad Batch episode 4 synopsis, title and runtime

Episode 4’s title, “Cornered,” hints at what’s in store for our band of misfits, but it’s the vague synopsis on Disney+ that will have you asking even more questions.

"The Batch’s supply run goes awry."

Hunter, Tech, Wrecker, Echo and Omega have been on the run since they left Kamino after the Batch defied Order 66 and didn’t come into the fold of the Empire. They’ve been planet-hopping, keeping their distance, and attempting to lie low.

So if they’re cornered, then by whom and for what end? The trailer for episode 4 gives viewers a peek at what’s stuck a wrench in the Batch’s plans.

We’ll give you a hint. If you’re on the run, then someone is hunting you, and if they’re hunting you then there’s got to be something in it for them. Perhaps even a bounty to make it worth their while.

With a 26 minute runtime, “Cornered” doesn’t have much space to move the story forward, but it does and also manages to work in more than one action sequence that’ll have you sitting on the edge of your seat.

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