The Bad Batch episode 6 synopsis, title, and runtime revealed

Star Wars: The Bad Batch - "Decommissioned." Photo: Disney+.
Star Wars: The Bad Batch - "Decommissioned." Photo: Disney+. /

The Bad Batch is back with episode 6 this week on Disney+, bringing fans of the series further into a plot that’s slowly revealing itself as the weeks go on.

Episode 5, “Rampage,” put the Batch on the path of becoming guns for hire, a selling point of the show that’s starting to come into play.

While we didn’t learn more about who exactly has put a bounty on Omega, “Rampage” did provide the kind of filler that keeps an audience entertained. Between Omega coming to the rescue to Wrecker taming a Rancor named Muchi, the episode was some light fun in a series that’s brimming with impending doom.

Will we be returning to the darker elements of The Bad Batch in episode 6? Here’s what we know without being too spoilery.

The Bad Batch episode 6 synopsis, title, and runtime

Episode 6 is called “Decommissioned” which is pretty ominous though the synopsis doesn’t leave much to speculate over in regards to the title.

"On a mission  to acquire a valuable asset, the Batch encounter smugglers after the same target."

What exactly are they after? Who are these smugglers? The trailer for episode 6 promises some battle action with blasters involved but whatever the prize is in that shootout isn’t quite revealed. It’s got our interest peeked that’s for sure.

Though we also think whatever it is the Batch need to acquire is going to leave us with more questions. That seems to be this show’s specialty.

We’re still on the hook for what Omega’s special skill might be, what’s going on in Kamino with Project War Mantle, what’s up with Wrecker’s constant headache, who’s after Omega, and more.

Hopefully “Decommissioned” will provide some answers in its 25-minute runtime, and give us a little more information to tied us over as we wait for a big reveal or two.

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