The Bad Batch episode 7 synopsis, title, and runtime revealed

Star Wars: The Bad Batch - "Battle Scars." Photo: Disney+.
Star Wars: The Bad Batch - "Battle Scars." Photo: Disney+. /

The Bad Batch episode 7 has landed on Disney+, bringing us closer to the halfway point of this 16-episode season.

In episode 6, entitled “Decommissioned,” fans were treated to an appearance from the Martez sisters as they initially worked against the Batch in effort to secure a tactical droid and the critical information it held. We were also clued into the duo working with a mysterious figure that’s got viewers speculating over who it could be.

But the most pressing point in the episode was Wrecker’s steadily losing battle with the inhibitor chip pushing for him to obey orders and fall in line like a good soldier. Briefly, he’d spoken the same words as Crosshair, “Good soldiers follow orders,” before getting a grip on his own mind and jumping to the fray to help his fellow Batchers.

The intensity of his headaches combined with the loss of autonomy that comes with the inhibitor chip’s influence had us theorizing over what fate could befall the Batch. We’re still early in the season but there’s a grimness to this story that promises no one getting out unscathed.

Episode 7 could further that point as more of the story unfolds.

The Bad Batch episode 7 synopsis, title, and runtime

“Battle Scars” is the name of The Bad Batch‘s seventh episode. It’s a vague title paired with a more substantial synopsis.

"As they traverse a decommissioned medical facility, the Batch encounter an unexpected threat."

To be honest, put together, the two sound ominous. Unsettling really. Though the series isn’t shy of delving deep into the chilling and disturbing themes in its plot. Viewers only have to look to the clones losing control of their bodies and their decisions due to the Empire’s hold on their chips to know this is true.

“Battle Scars” has a 28-minute runtime. The episode has us wondering whether the story is about to shift into an even darker narrative than it already is.

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You can stream The Bad Batch episode 7 now on Disney+.