The first-look trailer for The Bad Batch episode 9 is out now

Star Wars: The Bad Batch "Bounty Lost"
Star Wars: The Bad Batch "Bounty Lost" /

The Bad Batch episode 9 puts us squarely in the back half of the season, Batchers. It seems like forever ago that we watched Order 66 be carried out on our screens and the Batch’s lives be turned upside down by a swift regime change.

Now, Clone Force 99 are fugitives harboring a child with a bounty on her, they’ve become guns for hire, and they’ve lost one of their own to the effects of the inhibitor chip making clones fall in line with the Empire.

In the span of eight episodes, these highly skilled soldiers, adorably referred to as the Dad Batch by fans, have become more than Omega’s guardians, they’ve become her family. Already an inquisitive and resourceful child, she’s done more than hold her own with this crew since she joined their ranks.

As such, her kidnapping by Cad Bane in “Reunion” was a heart-racing moment in the last stretch of the episode where the Batch had already been inches away from death or capture. So, what does episode 9 have in store for viewers? Here’s what we know.

The Bad Batch episode 9 trailer

Looks like we’re in for a chase, Batchers! Of course, the Dad Batch wouldn’t take Omega being kidnapped lying down. As they always do, they’ll fight. She’s one of their own after all. However, whether they’ll be successful is up in the air.

Cad Bane isn’t the only bounty hunter after Omega. Fennec Shand stepped into their path in “Cornered” looking to get her own piece of the pie on offer for Omega’s capture.

Even if they do manage to rescue her, it won’t fix the problem of her bounty. Not to mention they’re still in the dark about who placed the bounty in the first place. We know it was the Kaminoans but as for why, that’s still a mystery the show has yet to reveal.

But, Omega’s safe return to the Bad Batch is our chief concern, especially when it looks like someone may have gotten the drop on Cad judging by the trailer. Fingers crossed, the odds are in the Batch’s favor.

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