New High Republic comic suggests drengir are a bigger threat than assumed

Star Wars: The High Republic (2021) #7. Photo: Marvel Comics.
Star Wars: The High Republic (2021) #7. Photo: Marvel Comics. /

This post contains major spoilers for The High Republic comic #7.

When The High Republic officially launched in January 2021, Star Wars fans assumed the Nihil would be the biggest threat to the Jedi and the galaxy at large. While that may remain the case, another vicious enemy is quickly gaining notoriety as a threat not to be messed with.

The ongoing Marvel comic series The High Republic (not to be confused with IDW’s The High Republic Adventures) took a harsh turn this week as a series of visions led to a final page that has left readers stunned.

The drengir may be a species made of vegetation, but they’re capable of much more than minor infestation.

Up to this point, these sentient carnivorous plants may have seemed like a dangerous but manageable threat. However, Cavan Scott — being the unapologetic soul-crusher that he is — seems to have hinted otherwise.

The final page of this week’s comic depicts drengir vines wrapped around the skeleton of none other than Avar Kriss, Starlight Beacon’s beloved leader and a Jedi Master the galaxy would be devastated to lose.

It’s not clear whether or not Kriss has already been or will ever be consumed by drengir — this issue of the series focuses heavily on a main character experiencing haunting visions that have no guarantee of coming true. Comics have a long history of explosive final-page cliffhangers that often turn out not to be what they seem.

However, it’s a vital reminder that the drengir aren’t a threat to be taken lightly. Star Wars has never shied away from its darker, creepier corners – just look at how many vats of genetic material in various stages of development we’ve seen on-screen in the past year and a half alone. They may look like plants, but they were born to consume.

It’s possible they won’t stop until the Jedi, the Nihil, and all that remains of The High Republic is no more.

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 Star Wars: The HIgh Republic drops on Aug.11.