The first-look trailer for The Bad Batch episode 15 is out now

The Imperial fleet gathers. "Return to Kamino." The Bad Batch. Courtesy of
The Imperial fleet gathers. "Return to Kamino." The Bad Batch. Courtesy of /

We’ve finally made it to The Bad Batch finale, Batchers, and it’s going to be a two-parter starting with episode 15 “Return to Kamino.”

The Batch are going back to where it all began. Kamino isn’t just their former home and where they were created, it has also been an Empire stronghold since “Aftermath,” our series opener.

Clone Force 99 hasn’t been back since they became deserters, defying orders and becoming mercenaries for hire. But, returning is a risk they must take for Hunter’s sake. He was captured at the end of “War-Mantle” and there’s only one place Crosshair would take him, Kamino.

Though whether it’s to lure the Batch into a trap to usher in their demise, or recruit them, is anyone’s guess. Take a look at episode 15’s trailer for a glimpse of the wild ride the Batch are set to take us on in order to get Hunter back!

The Bad Batch episode 15 trailer

Omega seems to be leading the charge in the mission to rescue Hunter which should come as no surprise. Out of all the Batchers, he’s the closest to her, and she watched him fall from the Marauder.

Not to mention, the rest of Clone Force 99 are older and more experienced. They understand the stakes better than she does and the lay of a battlefield. They were outnumbered, outgunned, and their ship was flagging. Obeying Hunter’s order to escape was the only way to make sure they could launch a rescue mission at a later time.

Still, Omega looks like a determined young Batcher in the trailer. Come hell or high water she’s getting Hunter back. Crosshair better watch out for the pint-sized Batch member, she’s not playing around.

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New episodes of The Bad Batch release Fridays on Disney+. Part 2 of the finale will premiere on August 13. The Bad Batch has been renewed for a second season.