Halcyon Legacy Issue 3 further explores Padme and Anakin’s love

Star Wars: Halcyon Legacy, is a new 5-issue comic book miniseries from Marvel, debuting next year. Photo: StarWars.com.
Star Wars: Halcyon Legacy, is a new 5-issue comic book miniseries from Marvel, debuting next year. Photo: StarWars.com. /

Padme and Anakin stans will enjoy the exclusive preview of Star Wars: Halcyon Legacy Issue 3, released earlier on Starwars.com. The forbidden love between these two characters is more than a short-lived affair. Their bonds of marriage cemented their commitment to one another despite it being against the rules for Jedi.

In Star Wars: Halcyon Legacy Issue 3, fans find both characters on an undercover mission where they notice suspicious activity from another Senator. Is there a possible defector? Will this defection lead to “cut off republic supply routes?” Fortunately, the exclusive preview dives more into the relationship between Padme and Anakin, furthering our understanding of what happens behind-the-scenes when other Jedi aren’t watching.

Star Wars: Halcyon Legacy Issue 3 show Padme and Anakin’s bond behind closed doors

Not only are Padme and Anakin on a secret mission, they are both madly in love. Both characters are fighting for peace in their own way, but Halcyon Legacy Issue 3 highlights the importance of seizing moments when they come. Despite trying to keep appearances, Padme and Anakin yearn for each other’s attention.

It’s safe to say they have more than one way to keep themselves busy when out of the public’s eyes. In some form of jousting exercise, both characters dual against each other. Padme and Anakin have their own strengths, but both of them prove they’re willing to do whatever it takes to rule the day. This battle is a great example of their determination to get the job done. It also highlights how incredibly capable Padme is in hand-to-hand combat, even against the great Anakin Skywalker.

The most important scene in the Halcyon Legacy Issue 3 preview belongs to a few panels on a bright promenade with lush green plants surrounding them. They’re standing in the open, and the creators present a closeup of the two holding hands and a moment of bliss prevails. As Padme suggests, “Can we just take a moment…to have a moment?” Both characters have been devoted to the Republic’s cause and she’s hoping for a sign of affection, even in public.

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This kiss is more than just breaking the rules, much like their relationship and marriage have already done. The kiss symbolizes what they’re willing to do for one another in spite of the risk. It’s telling of what’s to come and what Anakin is willing to do later to save what’s most precious to him.

Halcyon Legacy Issue 3 is written by Ethan Sacks, illustrated by Will Sliney and cover art by E. M. Gist. It’s currently available for pre-order before arriving digitally and in comic shops on May 11.

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