5 Star Wars characters that deserve a second chance at life

With Asajj Ventress back from the dead in The Bad Batch, we dive into 5 Star Wars characters who deserve a second chance at life.
Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Kanan Jarrus. Image Credit: StarWars.com
Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Kanan Jarrus. Image Credit: StarWars.com /

With the return of a previously very dead Asajj Ventress in the recent trailer for the third and final season of The Bad Batch, Star Wars fans may ask themselves, “What’s next?” More than a few deceased individuals who have managed to claw themselves back from the underworld, and the most recent reveal likely won’t be the last. So, who are some other gone but not forgotten heroes and villains that deserve a second shot in the galaxy far, far away?

For the most part, it’s the villains of the galaxy that have the report of their demise greatly exaggerated. Boba Fett, Darth Maul, and even The Emperor have all denied the Grim Reaper at one time or another. Rarely is it a devotee of the light who makes such a return. The returning villains either become more evil than ever or go through a change of heart of some kind, whereas our heroes are often laid to rest in peace. But what about those who aren’t?

Here are 5 heroes and villains who deserve a second chance at life. Naturally, heavy spoilers are ahead.

1.      Kanan Jarrus

Kanan Jarrus' death is one of the more emotional, if not outright tragic losses in Lucasfilm Animation's history. The Jedi, formally known as Caleb Dume, sacrificed himself to save his family, the members of the rebel Pheonix Squad. Having lost so much already, his sight, his master, his order, and even his own name, to then make the ultimate sacrifice certainly elevates Jarrus to legendary hero status. Quite worthy of a second coming, indeed.

2.      Count Dooku

As far as dead characters go, this one is very dead, having been deprived of his head. Count Dooku is one of the few major villains in the franchise not to be resurrected, and it would be pretty difficult to do so on this occasion. Whether it be through Sith alchemy or Nightsister magic, a returned Darth Tyranus would certainly make a formidable opponent or maybe even a powerful ally. Having been betrayed in his final moment by his Sith master, it's more than possible the fallen Jedi master could experience a change of heart. Again.

3.      Nanta the Ewok

Nanta the Ewok, without a doubt, is the greatest hero the galaxy has ever seen. Lovingly referred to as “Corpsey” by his masses of admirers, this Ewok, who enjoyed a whole six seconds of screen time in Return of the Jedi before being tragically cut down by an AT-ST is ingrained in the minds of Star Wars fans young and old. The majority of them will never know his name and simply think of him as “that one Ewok that died.” Well, now is your chance to make up for lost time and pay your respects to this revolutionary hero and fallen veteran of the Battle of Endor. #SaveNanta

4.      Moff Gideon

A great way to set up a villainous return is to leave no corpse behind. Maybe Gideon is a pile of ash. Maybe not. The apparent villain of The Mandalorian may or may not be gone, but he is certainly not forgotten. Having been defeated in the final episode of the show's third season, there’s plenty of room for the Empire's last hero to make a stunning comeback. Perhaps as another clone? Seeing as he was heavily involved in Imperial mad science, Gideon has plenty of plot ammunition to go off on.

5.      Tech

The ultimate off-screen death has and always will be falling. Bonus points for falling into a canyon of mist. It’s more than possible that this member of Clone Force 99 has his fate sealed. But with one return from death already confirmed for the shows last season, who could say there isn’t room for another? Could Tech be the mysterious new commander, CX-1?

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