Bad Batch: Best Asajj Ventress moments in "The Harbinger"

In the latest episode of The Bad Batch, Clone Force 99 encounters Asajj Ventress, who puts them within arm's length of some dangers but finally grants them a few answers.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Season 3 "The Harbinger." Asajj Ventress. Image Credit:
Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Season 3 "The Harbinger." Asajj Ventress. Image Credit: /

In episode nine of the third season of The Bad Batch, "The Harbinger," we meet the Batch again where they've been lying low on Pabu. As Omega is on a walk on the beach with Batcher, Batcher smells something unfamiliar coming from a nearby cave. Omega, doubting Batcher's sense, investigates to be met by ex-Sith assassin Asajj Ventress. Throughout the episode, we see many scenes where this fan-favorite semi-reformed baddie interacts with the Batch, faces perils, and displays her Force abilities.

Here are some of the best Asajj Ventress moments from "The Harbinger."

1. Omega finds Ventress.

The episode started pretty simple with another peaceful day on Pabu. Wrecker and Crosshair are helping out on the docks, and Omega and Batcher are out for a walk on the beach. When everything seems suspiciously normal, things go back to the real normal with something being awry.

On their walk, Batcher suddenly senses something is wrong and whimpers in fear of a presence in the cave. Omega doubts Batcher but still investigates. She's shocked to find a ship, and then soon after, its threatening owner. And that owner was none other than Asajj Ventress! She emerges from the shadows to glare down at Omega. Like many Star Wars fans, I love a dramatic character reveal. Omega finding Ventress in the cave is another one for the books.

2. Ventress tests Omega

At this point, it's just been revealed to the audience that Omega could potentially be a Force user. How cool is that?! With that information alone, this scene is interesting enough. But we see Ventress testing Omega the same way we've seen Padawans and Jedi train in the past during the Clone Wars. This makes the scene unexpectedly nostalgic. In addition, Wrecker is supportive from the sidelines, which is sweet. Right after, Ventress is her regular curt self, telling them to go away. It could be assumed that maybe this test is how Ventress's old master, Count Dooku, trained her. So Ventress reliving it through testing Omega in this scene isn't only neat to watch, but it's connected the Batch to the world of the Jedi that they hadn't known before.

3. Ventress fights the Batch

Ever since they first interacted with Ventress, you could sense some tension between the Batch and her. They didn't trust each other. Both for good reason, being victims of the Clone Wars and Order 66. However, with Omega more eager for answers than cautious, this served as a barrier that prevented them from fighting.

Unable to resist a chance to defeat possible foes, Ventress sends Omega off to complete another "test" far from the cave. In reality, this is a means to get her away, either to keep her safe or just unknowing of the upcoming battle. After a short bickering spurt, Ventress battles with Hunter, Wrecker, and Crosshair. At first, they think they have the upper hand, having her outnumbered and outgunned. But she flaunts her Force abilities by pulling their basters away from them with a lovably sassy remark, "No cheating." Then, they engage in physical fighting. She averts their attacks easily, even when they regain their blasters, she shows her new yellow lightsaber and defeats them. Cinematically, it was very fun to watch and plot-wise, incredibly interesting. It's just all-out an excellent scene.

4. Ventress uses the Force

As the Batch and Ventress are at a "ceasefire," so to speak, Omega continues her M-count tests. She meets Ventress on the docks, and they go out to sea. Once surrounded by water, Ventress orders her to stand on the edge of the boat and reach her hand out. When Omega asks what for, she only replies with "Everything."

To a Force user, this makes sense, but to anyone else, it sounds like nonsense, leaving Omega more confused. After a few minutes of struggle, Omega gives up, saying she doesn't even know what is supposed to happen. Afterward, Ventress steps up to the end of the boat and lets the Force flow through her, immediately summoning a swarm of glowing aquatic life, spinning around the boat. This scene is so fun because it's always fun to see a Force user show off their abilities. Also, it's just as fun to see an unknowing character learn of the power of the Force. Not to mention, visually, it's so interesting and aesthetically pleasing.

5. Ventress calms the Vrathean

As Ventress displays her powers, she gets more than she bargained for. With her Force summoning the small sea creatures, it also gains the attention of a large one: A giant squid-like leviathan creature known as a vrathean. As soon as they see the beast, Ventress and Omega attempt to flee, veering their boat in the opposite direction. It swings giant tentacles at their boat, much like a Kraken.

The Batch comes in on the Marauder to help, and they shoot at the vrathean. Ventress orders Omega to tell them to stop, claiming they are making it worse. The Batch hesitantly agree, showing their faith in Omega. Afterward, Ventress lets the vrathean pick her up and pull her in closer. She reaches her hand out, using the force to calm the beast. This scene is an epic mix of action and character growth. When Ventress and Omega escape death, Ventress shows off her Force skills, again. In return, the Batch try to be more open-minded and trusting.

To start, this entire episode was cool. But Ventress's key scenes are what made it so great. The surprise return of her characters is already interesting enough, but her having such a key role in the episode and the growth of the Batch is the cherry on top. At the end of the episode, we still don't know if Omega actually does have a high M-count or not. What we do know is that Ventress is alive post-Order 66, and we can hope to see more of her in the future.

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