Andor: Adria Arjona teases a complex journey for Bix Caleen in Season 2

Adria Arjona tells Empire that fans should be ready for major twists in Bix's story in the second season of Andor.
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Bix Caleen finally escaped the Empire's clutches at the end of Andor Season 1 after being rescued by Cassian Andor. However, according to ScreenRant, actor Adria Arjona teased a complex journey for her character in Season 2.

When we last saw Bix, she was being taken off-planet on a transport ship, along with others, including Brasso, one of Bix and Cassian Andor's lifelong loyal friends from Ferrix. Although it seemed like a happy ending at the time, we have to remember that Bix endured days of torture by the Empire. She was mentally shattered, making her future in a tumultuous galaxy more uncertain.

While speaking to Empire Magazine, Arjona hinted at there being surprising twists in Bix's story in Andor Season 2:

"I think [creator] Tony Gilroy's writing is so smart that wherever people think my character's journey is going to go, it's ten times more complex than what people imagine."

Adria Arjona.

Arjona's promise that Gilroy has written a complex story for Bix's in Season 2 hints that things won't be black and white for Caleen, who's endured some of the worst torture by the Empire. We saw her being interrogated by Deedra Meero (Denise Gough), an ambitious Imperial Security Bureau officer and one of the main antagonists of the series. At the end of Andor, it was too soon to tell what sort of impact this would leave on Bix and how it would shape her as a person.

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Fans who've watched Rogue One: A Star Wars story know that Cassian Andor at the beginning and end of Andor is a far cry from the person he is in Rogue One, which guarantees massive growth for Cassian as a person in Season 2. It's likely to be growth resulting from many challenges and, perhaps, many betrayals from his closest friends. Will Bix be one of them?

Interestingly, Andor footage shown exclusively to fans who attended Star Wars Celebration 2023 showed that the two would be extremely close in Season 2 and hinted at a possible love story on the cards for the two. However, Arjona's description of Bix's journey in Season 2 indicates that it won't be smooth sailing for her, and she'll probably have to make many sacrifices along the way.

Will Bix turn staunchly anti-Empire, or will she work for the Rebel cause like Cassian? Regardless of the answer, it seems unlikely that her relationship with Cassian will last, as Cassian's dedication to the Rebel cause will force him to let go of many friends.

Andor Season 2 will premiere in 2025 on Disney+.

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