The Bad Batch season 3, episode 8 recap: A visit to Space Florida

Complete with Space Gators and all!

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 4, Episode 4 "A Different Approach." Hunter and Wrecker. Image Credit:
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 4, Episode 4 "A Different Approach." Hunter and Wrecker. Image Credit: /

This contains full spoilers for The Bad Batch Season 3, episode 8 "Bad Territory."

We kick off the back half of Season 3 for The Bad Batch with episode 8, “Bad Territory.” Tasked with finding out why the Empire wants Omega, Clone Force 99 must seek answers. Let’s recap everything you missed in this episode.

We open on Pabu, where Omega is feeling pretty guilty. In the episodes “Infiltration” and “Extraction,” Rex and Echo lost most of their squad. She blames herself for the Empire hunting her and wants to help. Crosshair says staying out of the way is helping them. Which Hunter agrees with.

They get a call from their ally Phee Genoa, who has been looking into M-counts for them in the scum and villainy side of things. Apparently, certain high-level bounty hunters have been looking for other people with M-counts. Omega brings up talking to Fennec Shand since the Kaminoans hired Fennec to get Omega in Season 1.

Keep in mind the Batch doesn’t know that Fennec was hired specifically by Nala Se to keep Omega safe from other Kaminoans.

Hunter agrees that Fennec might be their only option for talking about M-counts and Omega. Phee leaves to start tracking her down, and no one in the Batch really likes this plan. Hunter decides that he and Wrecker will go along, much to Omega’s protesting.

However, Hunter gives Omega a mini-mission: He’s noticed Crosshair’s tremor and wants her to try and push Crosshair to get his hand looked at.

Hunter and Wrecker set out on their mission and arrive at a space station that’s definitely for the scum and villainy of Star Wars. In the corner is Fennec Shand and the Rodian she’s negotiating with. She has no business with them, but Hunter and Wrecker force themselves into the chat. She runs off the Rodian, who is pretty miffed by the ordeal.

They ask her about the Empire’s M-count targets. She hasn’t done a job herself but knows a person they could talk to for an even heftier price than what she is worth. However, Fennec has been having trouble with a particular bounty and needs a crew for it (as she read their file since Season 1). Hunter agrees to aid her so they can get to the next step for M-count information.

And, of course, Fennec gets all the money form the bounty.

Back on Pabu, Omega has succeeded in her mini-mission as their medical droid friend AZI is analyzing Crosshair’s hand. AZI does everything he can to help but can't fix it. He suggests the tremors are mental. Crosshair refuses to get into what experiments were done to him on Tantiss, storming off.

Back with Hunter, Wrecker, and Fennec, trust isn’t exactly flowing among the three of them. Fennec briefs them that they’re going after a person named Sylar Saris, “The Slayer of Ordo Eris.” Apparently, this guy took out some top bosses for the Haxion Brood and got out with a ton of money. Also, he killed other bounty hunters that came for him.

They arrive on the planet Sylar is holding out on, landing at a station. Fennec warns them to keep helmets on because the air will kill them. They get a boat from a pit droid and head out into the waters of this world. She also warns them that there are dangerous things in those waters.

Which is why she sends them into the water when they find mines in their paths. Fennec knows Sylar wants them to go around, not to disarm the mines. Hunter and Wrecker get to work on disarming the mines while Fennec keeps watch from the boat.

On Pabu, Omega is encouraging Crosshair as he trains. It doesn’t help, as he’s frustrated he’s missing targets. She says she agrees with AZI and that maybe it’s a mental boundary that he has to overcome himself. Getting an idea that he’s definitely going to hate, Omega wants to try something to help him.

With Hunter and Wrecker, they notice space alligators on the way when they have only two more mines to go. They get the last of the mines disarmed as Fennec shoots the gators. They start to swarm the boat when one grabs Hunter. It’s a chaotic fight under and above the water. The best part is when Wrecker slaps one space gator with another space gator.

The three hop on the boat and speed away, after kicking off a few hitchhiking gators first.

Later, as Hunter is trying to find the trail in the water, Omega comes up. Fennec wants to know what happened after Omega escaped her in Season 1. Considering their past, she’s intrigued as to why they would work with her. She lets them know that her client called off her bounty, so Fennec didn’t go after Omega.

Hunter picks up the trail again, and the three find Sylar’s hideout. She sends them inside while she is the lookout, something that Wrecker and Hunter are not a fan of. They move out.

Sneaking into the hideout, Hunter is jumped by Sylar! After a quick fight, Sylar slips away to an underground exit.

Fennec is waiting, though, having disabled Sylar’s getaway boat. A fight breaks out between Sylar and the three as he wants to steal their boat. They get the upper hand, stunning him until Sylar is finally down. They have won their bounty.

We bounce back to Pabu, where a wonderful callback to Season 2 happens: Omega teaches Crosshair how to meditate, which is something she learned from the Jedi padawan Gungi. Hesitant at first, Crosshair follows her lead and begins to meditate.

Back at the space station, Fennec reveals that she doesn’t have the M-count info on her. She’ll find it out for them, though, which upsets Hunter. Not that they have much of a choice. With that, Fennec flies out of there.

However, not all is fair in bounty hunting. Fennec calls a mysterious person, spilling that she just worked with clones looking for M-count info. She’ll share what she knows to help the mystery person track them down, which is where the episode ends.

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