The Bad Batch: Will Rex join the fight at Mount Tantiss?

Rex has been searching for Mount Tantiss too.
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 "Infiltration." Captain Rex. Image Credit:
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 "Infiltration." Captain Rex. Image Credit: /

Warning: This article contains spoilers from The Bad Batch season 3, episode 13, "Into the Breach."

As The Bad Batch enters its final two episodes, Hunter, Wrecker, Crosshair, and Echo finally have coordinates to Mount Tantiss, thanks to the former Vice Admiral Rampart. As the Batch and a reluctant Rampart head to Mount Tantiss to save Omega and the other clone prisoners, it is currently unconfirmed whether Captain Rex will join them in this fight.

Rex has worked closely with every member of the Batch since the Clone Wars. At the midpoint of every Bad Batch season, he has appeared to either help them, or they have helped him and the network of rebel clones he's built.

While the series is about the titular Batch, it is also a story of what happens to all the clone soldiers in the aftermath of Order 66 and the Clone Wars. It would feel strange to wrap up that story without including Rex, especially since he has been helping clones and fighting against the Empire since The Bad Batch season 1.

Just like the Batch, he and his network have been searching for Mount Tantiss during the entirety of Season 3, desperate to find and liberate their clone brothers. Now that the Batch has the coordinates and are on their way, perhaps they can contact Rex so he and what remains of his clone network, including Howzer and Gregor, can provide reinforcements.

Episode 15, the series finale, is titled "The Cavalry Has Arrived." The episode title refers to what Wrecker says in Season 7 of The Clone Wars when the Batch arrive to help Rex and Anakin Skywalker's troops. Now, it can become a reference to Rex and his forces arriving on Mount Tantiss as the cavalry to help save the day, bringing the stories full circle.

This could bring the series full circle as the Batch were the cavalry helping the "reg" clones in the beginning, believing they were better than them. However, now the regs led by Rex can be the cavalry arriving to help the Batch, with the regs and the Batch all working together and on the same page.

The other reason Rex needs to come back is to bridge the gap between The Bad Batch and Star Wars Rebels. In Rebels, Rex, Gregor, and Commander Wolffe are living on a modified AT-TE on the planet Seelos and aren't fighting the Empire until after the Ghost crew arrives. Whatever happens on Mount Tantiss in the final two Bad Batch episodes will likely contribute to Rex's decision to abandon the fight against the Empire until Rebels, along with why only Gregor and Wolffe are on Seelos with him.

In The Bad Batch, Wolffe was last seen still serving the Empire, although he let Rex, Howzer, and the Batch go free. The series still needs to show how Wolffe ends up with Rex and why, years later, in Rebels, he is more paranoid than Rex and Gregor.

It would also be nice for Rex and Commander Cody to reunite, given their close history in the Clone Wars, but with everything else the show needs to address in its limited remaining time, this is highly unlikely. Cody going AWOL and the impact he had on Crosshair is a meaningful way to conclude his story.

Even though the primary focus of the final two episodes will undoubtedly be on the members of the Batch, Rex should definitely appear and contribute to the end of this story. The Clone Wars ended with him in a prominent role. The Bad Batch needs to end with him as well.

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