Why bounty hunters will soon appear in The Bad Batch season 3

Cad Bane and Fennec Shand are confirmed to be in The Bad Batch season 3.

Cad Bane speaks with Omega. The Bad Batch First Look. "Bounty Lost." Star Wars. Courtesy of StarWars.com.
Cad Bane speaks with Omega. The Bad Batch First Look. "Bounty Lost." Star Wars. Courtesy of StarWars.com. /

Recent developments in Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 tease why bounty hunters will appear soon. The Season 3 trailer features shots of Cad Bane and Fennec Shand, bounty hunters who both appeared in Season 1.

Before the season, there was speculation about these bounty hunters being hired to help break Omega and Crosshair out of Mount Tantiss. However, that is no longer needed as by the end of episode 3, Omega and Crosshair already escaped, along with the lurca hound Batcher. At the end of episode 4, they already reunited with Hunter and Wrecker.

With Omega's M-count seemingly being the key to unlocking Project Necromancer, Dr. Royce Hemlock is determined to find her. Omega, Crosshair, and Batcher escaped off the planet Lau in an Imperial cargo freighter. They will have left the ship behind on Ryloth's nearest moon, where they reunited with Hunter and Wrecker, and be long gone by the time the Empire tracks the ship. In addition to tracking the vessel, Hemlock told the clone commando Scorch to notify all their operatives as he wants Omega found, with those operatives likely including the bounty hunters he will hire.

Cad Bane will gladly hunt down Omega. He has kidnapped children before and won't have any moral qualms about doing it again, just like when he kidnapped Omega when working for Lama Su in Season 1. Omega and Fennec ultimately prevented Bane from getting his credits, so he will only be happy to finish the job, this time for Hemlock.

Fennec is a different case and won't gladly work for Hemlock. While Lama Su hired Bane to deliver Omega to him, Nala Se hired Fennec to keep Omega from falling into Lama Su's hands, which Fennec successfully did. Nala Se may not be paying her anymore, but Fennec seemingly took a liking to Omega and seemed to genuinely want to help her beyond the fact she was being paid to do so.

In The Mandalorian, it's mentioned that Fennec became wanted by the Imperial Security Bureau. This could just be related to Fennec becoming a Master Assassin and having killed various Imperials throughout her career. However, what if it could also be related to helping Omega evade being captured by the Empire? Hemlock and the Empire would be even more displeased by this outcome if they hired Fennec, only for her to help Omega instead.

With Hemlock desperate to find Omega, Bane and Fennec probably won't be the only bounty hunters he'd hire. Asajj Ventress appears at the end of the Season 3 trailer. While it is currently unclear how she is alive after the events of the novel Dark Disciple by Christie Golden, Asajj has been a bounty hunter before. She could join the mix of bounty hunters being hired. Still, given her personal history and her character development, it seems improbable that she would turn a young girl like Omega over to the Empire.

All this focus on bounty hunters and clones seems like a prime opportunity to finally bring Boba Fett into the story as well. Daniel Logan voicing the clone cadet Mox in episode 2 increases the likelihood of Omega meeting her brother.

Boba has shown in stories like The Mandalorian that he doesn't like being identified as a clone. He is a genetically unaltered clone of his father, Jango Fett. Yet, he was raised and trained away from all his brothers, making him different from them.

The Bad Batch probably won't do an in-depth exploration of Boba's complex and conflicted identity, but maybe it can at least give audiences a glimpse of what Boba is up to as numerous bounty hunters are hired to find a young clone girl, who happens to be his sister.

Regardless of what happens, it will be exciting to see Cad Bane, Fennec Shand, and Asajj Ventress again, and a potential Boba Fett appearance remains a tantalizing prospect.

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