Star Wars Battlefront: Drop Zone Mode Mimics King of the Hill


At first glance, it may seem like Star Wars Battlefront resembles a Call of Duty port with a Star Wars surface coat of paint plastered over it. But developers EA Studios and DICE are taking pains to make the game stand out on their own, and that includes offering gamers some unique modes to play out their skirmishes on.

We’ve already learned of several of these modes in the past, and now EA has dropped the latest one: Drop Zone, a version of King of the Hill with some slight variations.

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According to the EA Star Wars site, Drop Zone consists of two teams of eight players battling for control of pods that crash land on a planet’s surface. You can capture these pods much like capturing a hill or a base in your usual first-person-shooter, by occupying the area long enough until the game recognizes it’s yours. A team wins by capturing five pods first or controlling the majority of pods by the time the 10-minute match timer is up.

But there are a few twists. For one thing, when captured a pod opens up and reveals a special powerup inside. The problem is, the race for another nearby pod will have already begun, so you will be forced to choose between scoring a boost to your abilities or getting a headstart on the next pod.

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Furthermore, if no team is able to capture a pod, another one will crash down to complicate matters and nudge players to make a decision.

EA says this mode was designed to encourage teams to rely on more strategy and decision-making rather than hunkering down on a single objective. With constant threats bearing down on them, teams will find it difficult to camp and defend the same area while more pods pop up around the map.

The developer also released a new image showing off concept art for the new mode, which you can stare at above.

This is the fifth multiplayer option officially confirmed by the developers. There’s also Blast, a team deathmatch set on tight, compressed map levels; Supremacy, a sprawling version of King of the Hill that holds up to 40 players; Fighter Squadron, where players pilot iconic ships and duke it out in aerial dogfights; and Walker Assault, a campaign to protect or take down the giant Imperial Walkers.

There’s at least one more mode, called Cargo, that has been confirmed without any details as to what it entails. Stay tuned for more information as Battlefront edges closer to a Nov. 17 release date.

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