Mark Hamill Speaks at Oxford Union, Starts Unintentional Rumors for Star Wars: Episode VIII


During a Q&A at London’s Oxford Union, Star War icon Mark Hamill was asked many questions regarding his upcoming role in Star Wars: Episode VIII, including one about his possible parentage in regard to Rey…

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According to The Sun, Mark Hamill was hosted at the Oxford Union in London, where a Q&A was held for the legendary actor. Of course, many of the questions centered around his role in the new Star Wars trilogy, specifically Star Wars: Episode VIII. During the course of the night, a fan asked a rather cryptic question about Daisy Ridley’s character, Rey, in relation to Hamill’s character, Luke Skywalker. Here’s his response:

"“Daisy is incredible, so genuine, appealing, loveable, she beams, she has a wonderful charisma, I adore her. She’s my daughter’s age – and that’s how I relate to her.”"

The Sun reports that there was an audible gasp throughout the crowd in the room, as I’m sure fans thought they were getting some sort of confirmation that Luke is indeed Rey’s father. Having the most popular fan theory out of The Force Awakens — which is that Rey is Luke’s daughter — actually be true, would be a dream come true, especially for the fans in attendance at the Oxford Union. Hamill was quick to assert that he didn’t mean anything by that comment.

Hamill then told the crowd that security on the set was getting tight. He said that he and Daisy Ridley were having to walk back and forth from tents to set wearing full robes:

"“You can’t walk from the trailer to the sound set without hooded cloaks on. If you ask why the security say ‘Because there are drones’.”"

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Well, when you’re the most popular Jedi in the galaxy, everyone want to get a look at you, Mark. Anyway, Hamill and Ridley are supposedly heading to Dubrovnik in Croatia, if our contacts there are right, and they should be filming some exciting chase scenes that are to be happening at night, and reportedly involving a landspeeder. Looks like Star Wars: Episode VIII filming is getting very exciting!