Star Wars: Battlefront Will Be Playable On PlayStation VR


A new version of Star Wars: Battlefront is coming to PlayStation VR, the new virtual reality gaming platform by Sony.

Sony’s PlayStation VR console is coming in October, and so is Star Wars: Battlefront, again. But in this version of Battlefront, you’ll be able to step out onto the front lines in a virtual reality environment. The experience will almost be like you were really there.

Like its predecessor, Star Wars: Battlefront for PlayStation VR will be developed by DICE, the company that worked on the most recent version. Other than that, and the fact that it will be a third-party exclusive, nothing more was revealed about the game (via Engadget).

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Virtual reality technology is something that’s been in development with regard to Star Wars for some time, at least ever since the formation of Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB last year. ILMxLAB is dedicated to making the VR experience accessible as another medium of entertainment to the general public. One of their primary projects, The Trials of Tatooine, immerses the user in the world of Star Wars as a Jedi hopeful training under Luke Skywalker. It’s described as a “Cinematic Virtual Reality Experiment,” which probably means they’ll be taking in test subjects soon, if they’re not already. It’s the first step into a larger world of entertainment that previously, we could only imagine.

PlayStation VR is making that first step available in your living room for $399. Though the game graphics and virtual reality equipment (goggles, sticks, etc.) are probably not as sophisticated as those developed by ILMxLAB, the results will still be a triumph in gaming. Imagine being able to walk around on planet from Star Wars in your own home. Imagine wielding a lightsaber and feeling like you’re actually in that battle, not a distant puppet master prompting your avatar’s movements with a controller. It’s every Star Wars fan’s dream come true.

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Look for more updates concerning Star Wars: Battlefront for PlayStation VR in the coming months.