Mark Hamill’s Been Dropping Star Wars Easter Eggs Since A New Hope


That’s right, the Trickster himself — Mark Hamill — has been dabbling in dropping fun little bread crumbs for hungry little fanboys/girls of the Star Wars franchise, since before it was cool, way back in 1977 with Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope…

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In a day and age when every line and scene is poured over incessantly by fans of a film, for double and hidden meanings, in order to find hidden clues to solve a film franchise’s ultimate secret, Star Wars finds itself chief among the mysteries. Fans have been trying to solve the riddle of Rey’s mother, what happened to Luke’s Jedi Order (and the reclussive Jedi Master himself), and the mystery of Supreme Leader Snoke, and even the parentage of Finn, since Star Wars: The Force Awakens debuted worldwide in December of 2015.

In that regard, Hamill has been having a bit of fun — perhaps slipping into his other role as DC’s Trickster — with fans on Twitter, dropping not-so-subtle hints about Rey and Finn, that are obviously meant to be jokes…or are they?

John Boyega responded directly beneath him with “I like your style.” I love it when the Star Wars actors interact on Twitter.

Back to Hamill and his proclivity for dropping Easter Eggs, starting in A New Hope. As we’ve reported, cherished and beloved Chewbacca actor, Peter Mayhew, has taken to Twitter to reveal the original script to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, and he recently unveiled some pages that showed Hamill had altered certain lined during the rescue of Leia from the Death Star’s cell block.

As you can see, In the original script, Luke tells the guard he’s transferring the prisoner from “block TS–138”. However, in the actual film, Hamill changed the line to “cell block 1138”The reason this is important, is that George Lucas’s first science fiction film was called THX 1138. And, according to Radio Times, the number 1138 pops up all over Lucas movies, from Star Wars to Indiana Jones.

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So there you have it, Mark Hamill was dropping Easter Eggs before it was cool. Before the hipsters with their Iron Man suits and shawarma references, before the Vision was Jarvus from Marvel’s Agent Carter…Mark Hamill was slipping George Lucas sci-fi movie references in Star Wars: A New Hope, and that’s just another we reason we love him.