You Can Win A Helmet From Rogue One Through Force For Change


Felicity Jones, star of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, sent a special message to Star Wars fans asking to donate to Force For Change for the chance to win an awesome Imperial prize.

Stormtroopers were at the forefront of the first footage we ever saw from Rogue One, and this week, money donors on behalf of Force For Change are eligible to win an Imperial stormtrooper helmet from the film signed by the cast. Felicity Jones, who plays Jyn Erso in Rogue One, took to YouTube to announce the evil but awesome prize.

The helmet will be life-size, wearable, and signed by the cast of Rogue One. Fans have from now till May 4th to donate to charities under the Force For Change umbrella, which you can do at CrowdRise.

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There are other, bigger prizes in store for givers, as well. The ultimate prize for one lucky Force For Change donor is a trip to Ireland, including the island of Skellig Michael where they shot the closing scene for Star Wars: The Force Awakens (as well as scenes for Episode VIII). There are also the smaller, weekly prizes, such as the autographed helmet; also this week, there’s shirt you can win which was designed by Mad Engine Inc..

The biggest reward of donating to Force For Change, however, is the good it does for the organizations it supports. Last year fans raised over $10 million, and this year they hope to do even better charities like the American Red Cross and the Make A Wish Foundation. By donating to these causes, you can get huge points in the light side of the Force… or, you can simply take pride in knowing that you’ve helped someone else. As fans this is a great opportunity to show our love for our fandom and our fellow human beings.

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If all that didn’t convince you, however, maybe Mark Hamill staring intensely at you through the screen will open your heart.