Will Arnett Wants To Voice A New Kind Of Droid In Star Wars


On Conan, actor Will Arnett expressed his wish to voice a droid in Star Wars. But of course, he doesn’t want to voice just any old droid.

Will Arnett (The Lego Movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) wants to voice a droid in Star Wars, but he’s not satisfied to stick to the stiff monotone droids usually speak in. Check it out.

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Arnett wants to make a “normal-sounding voice” for a droid, or else say his lines in an announcer’s tone like he does when voicing-over car commercials. I like his ideas, because I could totally see them happening in Star Wars. We’ve already had some droids with crazy personalities from the new canon, like Chopper from Star Wars Rebels and Mr. Bones from Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath; it’s time to go a little wild with droids’ voices, as well.

To be honest, though, C-3PO already has a normal-sounding voice. Anthony Daniels is somehow able to give him the nuance of a human being while inserting a robotic primness in his tone. But Star Wars could go farther and funnier. Imagine the new droid in Rogue One, for example, taunting his enemies like a driver in Brooklyn, or announcing the arrival of Imperial forces with a dramatic one-liner. While the Rogue One droid already has a voice in Alan Tudyk, Will Arnett could fit his special droid voice or voices into any Star Wars film, whether spinoff or saga Episode.

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Star Wars has a way of making the wishes of actors and actresses who want cameos come true, so I’d say Arnett’s chances of being part of the franchise are pretty good. What do you think? Do you want the voice of Lego Batman in Star Wars?