Star Wars Rebels Celebration Europe Panel To Include Tiya Sircar & Sam Witwer


The Star Wars Rebels season three panel at Star Wars Celebration Europe will be hosted by Dave Filoni and feature Tiya Sircar and Sam Witwer.

We already knew Dave Filoni would be hosting the Star Wars Rebels panel at Star Wars Celebration which will take a look at the show’s upcoming third season. Thanks to Lucasfilm publicist Tracy Cannobbio, we now know which guests will be joining him: Tiya Sircar, the voice of Rebels original Sabine Wren, and Sam Witwer, who reprised his speaking role as Darth Maul in season two (via Star Wars Underworld).

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Dave Filoni said a few months ago Sabine would have a much bigger role in season three, on par with her being the series’ main character alongside Ezra (via io9). It makes sense she would make an appearance at the Celebration Europe Star Wars Rebels panel. The fact Sam Witwer will be there also promises great things from the villain’s side of the cast.

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We hope Witwer’s presence at the panel previewing the next season means Darth Maul is going to show up again. We’ve heard as much in the past, with hints having been dropped that Ezra will continue to struggle against Maul’s attempts to turn him to the dark side. Whatever Maul is up to, I just hope we get a resolution to his character one way or another. Ultimately, I’d like to see him run into Obi Wan Kenobi and get his butt kicked (again), maybe even be killed (finally) by the person who lost both his Jedi Master and his lover to the former Sith lord. But that may be too much to ask, as the Ghost rebels showing up on Tatooine might seem a bit too much like a small galaxy.

Then again, the rebels met Lando Calrissian, Princess Leia, Moff Tarkin, Darth Vader, and Ahsoka Tano. The galaxy has proved itself a small place already.

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The Star Wars Rebels panel will begin at 16:00 on Saturday, July 16th in London. Keep checking Dork Side for word of live streams of all the Star Wars Celebration Europe events.