Daisy Ridley Wears Pillow Case To Cover Up Rey Hairstyle


Daisy Ridley posted another workout video to her Instagram, this time with her head wrapped in a pillowcase to cover up her Rey hairstyle.

Usually, when Daisy Ridley posts a video of her intense Episode VIII workout to Instagram, she has her hair up in a pony tail. Yesterday, however, she wore a pillow case to cover her hair and made a point of saying in her post’s caption it was to “protect my REY HAIRSTYLE from Instagram’s gaze.”

In all likelihood, Daisy is playing at the wild speculative nature of the internet and trolling us by making us think she’s hiding something central to the plot of Episode VIII in her pillow case-covered hair. On the other hand, it could mean Rey is rocking a new hairstyle Rian Johnson isn’t ready to reveal yet.

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In May, a description of some character costume art for Episode VIII reported by Making Star Wars portrayed Rey as wearing her hair down shoulder-length. Daisy’s hair is clearly up in the workout video, though, and it looks like a bun or two is forming the bulge of the pillow case at the back of her head. Maybe they just added another bun or took one away? Or maybe her hair is colored along the ends and they put it up so they could cover it with something.

I feel ridiculous for speculating on this “news,” because the likeliest scenario is that Daisy’s hair is styled like Rey’s was in The Force Awakens and she’s just teasing us by covering it up. Even likelier, Daisy is simply not allowed to reveal anything from Episode VIII, even if it’s a costume or hairdo we’ve seen in previous films, unless Rian Johnson gives the okay.

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But, then again, what if she is hiding something? Daisy, you’re driving us mad!