Chewbacca Mom Sings Message Of Hope In Wake Of Tragedy


Candace Payne, better known to the internet as Chewbacca Mom, sang a Michael Jackson song to spread hope in the wake of last week’s tragedy in Dallas.

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The United States was thrown into a nightmare of Death Star proportions last week as five police officers were killed in a shooting in Dallas, the biggest massacre of U.S. police officers since 9/11 (via CNN). In the midst of this tragedy, Star Wars became, if indirectly, the vehicle for a beacon of light to reach the masses.

Candace Payne became a viral video star earlier this year when she posted a video of her laughing at herself in a talking Chewbacca mask she purchased from Kohl’s. Since then, “Chewbacca Mom” been everywhere: on talk shows, at Lucasfilm headquarters in San Francisco, even on her own action figure from Hasbro. This past Saturday, she returned to Facebook again, and while her new video is far more sobering than her first one, it is no less a message of hope and positivity.

In times of hardship and sadness it’s hard to know what to say, but Candace found a way to bring  yet more joy to countless individuals. Take a look at the video from Candace’s Facebook page below as she sings “Heal The World” by Michael Jackson as a tribute to everyone affected by last week’s shootings.

Star Wars has nothing to do with Candace’s message, but if she hadn’t become Chewbacca Mom, chances are no one would have seen or heard her heartfelt video. And it’s important we saw it; one need only read the comments on it to realize and appreciate how many souls were touched by it. It may not be much, but in a world where it often feels like there’s nothing we can do to help when terrible things happen, a little is enough.

We here at Dork Side would also like to express our own sympathy and sadness for the victims of all the shootings which took place last week.

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May the Force be with you all.