The Episode VIII Cast & Crew Had Their Wrap Party Last Night


The cast and crew of Star Wars: Episode VIII celebrated the film’s wrapped shoot last night with a party in London.

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It looks like most if not all of the Star Wars: Episode VIII cast members have finished filming. Several of them celebrated the shoot’s wrap last night with the rest of the film’s crew at the National History Museum in London.

Director Rian Johnson, Mark Hamill, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, and even Lucasfilm story group guru Pablo Hidalgo are confirmed to have been in attendance, along with perhaps hundreds of the men and women who worked extremely hard behind the scenes to make the film happen. Daisy Ridley was spotted leaving the event by Daisy Ridley Resource, but a few actors, like Carrie Fisher and Adam Driver, don’t appear to have shown up.

From the many who did attend come selfies and other photos capturing some of the fun moments. We’ve gathered some of them to share with you below.

From Mark Hamill’s official Twitter:

Dancing stormtroopers were also in attendance.

John Boyega was a bit more sober on his Instagram about the party.

"At home buzz before the wrap party! Another chapter done. Although this is the second time it still feels surreal being involved in such a life changing project. As I go onto other movies I take with me great memories! #Oneisfeelingonesself P.S. To everyone that has supported me since attack the block I thank you for encouraging me! This new life is tricky to take in but it’s always nice to have people route for you. LOVE!❤️"

Pablo Hidalgo caught a selfie with Poe Dameron himself, the sexy Oscar Isaac.

And another one with Joonas Suotamo, Peter Mayhew’s Chewbacca acting double.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but Rian Johnson’s Instagram photos of the party are worth a thousand snarks. Of all things, the director chose to commemorate Episode VIII‘s code name, Space Bear, in his documentation of the party. Check it out.

There were probably a lot of shenanigans taking place at that party which we won’t even know about until the Episode VIII Blu Ray/DVD documentary is released. But from what little evidence we got of the event, it’s still satisfying to see the people who worked on Star Wars getting to take a break and feel good about all the wonderful things they’ve accomplished. It’s not just the actors and directors who make a movie, but all the people running around behind the sets and setting up equipment and making sure the stars of the film look perfect for the camera. They all deserve a hundred parties; but then, Episode VIII is one job I think one would be glad to leave the music and confetti to get back to.

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From us here at Dork Side to everyone at Lucasfilm and Disney, we say thank you!